WW 691: Bethesda's Not Just a Town in Maryland

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I was listening to this podcast as I drove around with my girlfriend today and when they were discussing Microsoft’s plans for widgets on IOS 14. They just aren’t something I’d ever use. I don’t have onedrive on my phone even though I have the free onedrive account. I use Google Drive if I need cloud storage. For calendar I have where it shows in the outlook app but it’s not the back end. I use the google Calendar for back end and I have it displayed in the main calendar apps everywhere because it just works everywhere. What would be useful to me would be an actionable widget for triaging email like Spark has created. This would give me something actually useable. A snippet of the app to do some quick actions to determine what needs read and what is junk.

I haven’t seen the Spark widget but my understanding was that iOS widgets don’t actually have interactivity within the widget itself (i.e. actually doing something requires the widget to launch the app). The widget is basically just a display that gets updated every few minutes. I can only hope increased functionality will come in iOS 15.