WW 684: Cortanageddon

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I dig Gamepass, it’s a great deal for PC gamers, and I can mostly pay for it with Bing points. However, I haven’t found a clear explanation from someone who would know about how the compensation works for devs. Is this a raw deal for dev shops?

Tiktok: cynical me thinks that Trump watched the Mixer debacle and figured that the easiest way to bury tiktok or any consumer oriented offer is to have Microsoft buy it.


Different platform, old story, but you can still draw some conclusions, I’d guess: https://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/191966/playstation_plus_good_for_.php

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@MaryJo has a better chance of completely switching to Mac than the US Treasury has of getting a cut from the TikTok deal.


Mary Jo, Please do not read into this like I am upset. But I would like to share some stats with you to show that New York City/NY State really do not have much to celebrate.

New York State has 32,754 deaths. That is first in the nation by a wide margin. NY and NJ lead in per-capita deaths as well. In addition, NY state’s mortality rate (which is deaths as a percentage of cases) is 7.8%, well above the national average. New York City has 23,563 deaths. To put that in perspective, Caifornia, Texas, and Florida have a combined death total of 24K. In addition, the mortality rate of those states is far lower than New York’s. New York City’s mortality rate (23.563 deaths/226581 cases) is 10.4%. Again, well above any major city in FL, TX, or CA. Please do not confuse the mortality rate (which is deaths divided into cases) with the positivty rate which is cases/tests. I understand that deaths that are a lagging indicator, but none of the models show any of those states I mentioned approching the death total of New York. We are treating the disease better now and the virus is infecting younger people in this “second wave.”

Here is Jake Tapper of CNN speaking about this very topic.

Sources of Data: Johns Hopkins. Bloomberg Map, CDC models.


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on that, we agree!!

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US Treasury gets a piece of every deal. It is called taxes.


I just wanted to mention that Steam has had “non games” for a good while now. There are a lot of game dev tools on Steam under “Software”.

They also have some audio for soundtracks and a few movies.

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TikTok and WeChat getting banned in 45 days if they do not sell US operations. Its official

MJ can speak for herself but I think the positivity-- such as it is-- is about the recent trends rather than the cumulative totals, which was the basis for the “worst to first” comment during the show.

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You have to look at the pandemic as a whole, not just certain parts. Its not only me saying this, its the NYT, Jake Tapper of CNN, many others. 23000 dead in New York City is nothing to take a victory lap over.

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I’m sure @MaryJo is aware of the overall stats for NYC. If you’re saying she can’t harbor any positive sentiment over recent declines then :man_shrugging:t3:

Not saying that at all. Mary Jo Foley is one my favorite people on TWIT. Like I said in my original post, I wasn’t upset at all. I was just sharing some overall stats.

The NBC news says NY has gone from over 1000 deaths per day to only 5. I’d say that merits some optimism.
ref: https://youtu.be/Dft5cSIUKFc?t=125


Agreed!! Of course NY and NJ are by far the States with the most deaths by huge margins

It would be treat if someone made an Alexa/Google Home app for the Invoke speaker.