WW 655: There's a Seeker Born Every Minute

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So I watched this episode with much trepidation, waiting for my rant on last week’s show thread to come up. 'round about the 49:00 mark. LOL “Suffer in Silence.” That should have been the show title.

I’m not going to take back what I wrote. Still feel the way I do. Could have expressed myself better but in my defense I work with numbers all day not words.

Mr. Paul @thurrott I do respect your opinion and salute your journalistic skills and style. In part because of you, Windows Weekly and What the Tech are my favorite podcasts. Never miss an episode of either (unless you’re not on What the Tech, but don’t tell Andrew that). I hold your product reviews in highest esteem and find them to be very thorough and fair. I trust them and base my product buying decisions in part on them. I believe you only want what’s best for and out of Microsoft. Truly, I do. I hope you continue to be you and do what you do. I’m sure you will. I’ll just continue to be annoyed and will express so from time to time. You’re still flat out wrong about multiple screens :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

cc: @Leo @MaryJo

I’m also going to award myself another:

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