Worried for TWIG

2 episode with no ads
Should I be worried about my favourite TWIT show?


TWIG is pretty established and probably has a decent enough following. With LastPass sponsoring the studio, I doubt that a couple of episodes without ads will have any effect. I’m sure that there will ads later on. There have been some Security Now episodes without ads and that wasn’t cancelled.

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I wonder whether it has to do with this being the show with the most extensive leaning towards society and politics while not being the Sunday show. I love the discussion (even though I don’t agree with much of it, it is excellent food for thought), but I could imagine advertisers choosing in favour of other formats. I wonder whether there might be another market of advertisers that responds well to a crowd more interested in sociotechnical topics? I am right now thinking educational and financial services, but Rocket Mortgage and Masterclass appear to not be signed up anymore… there should be more of those. However I am impressed that TWiT seems to only advertise what the company has a story to tell about.

Same here. I had to force myself to become a TWiG watcher. I kept telling myself I needed the balance. Now it is close to my favorite TWiT show.

As long as they don’t cut off their nose to spite their face. I couldn’t care less what they advertise. Yes, I appreciate the ads being something I’m interested in. But I’ll listen to an add a few times to learn what it is. After that I skip it.

I too, am a fan of TWIG. I see it mostly as an outlet for the dark side of the Internet shenanigans. I don’t know why I see it this way. I do enjoy the show and look forward to catching it live, especially the pre-show. I’m glad they have added Ant Pruitt as a host to give the show another line of view to stories. As far as ads, I can’t afford or need the products, but it is nice to know what is out there if I would need the services.

No need to worry this is normal and has happened in the past, especially after the holidays and the beginning of a the new year.

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Now it is close to my favorite TWiT show.

What’s your favourite, if I may ask?

Macbreak weekly

My favorite show is TWIT but TWIG is a close second.

It would be nice if somebody from TWIT addressed the concerns.
We are encouraged to join a community and then don’t get any response :pensive:

I am sure TWiT/TWiG are feeling enormous pressure from advertisers who want the kind of data subscription programs provide. They want to know everything about us. Data that Leo steadfastly refuses to provide.
Kudos to Leo and the crew for sticking to their guns. Commercials are low key and often entertaining. Paul Harvey, Arthur Godfrey and others made this a good model to follow. Sadly it may demise. Thanks Google for making DATA the holy grail.


When I was encouraged to join the community nothing was ever mentioned about twit being mandated to discuss internal business matters. But that’s just me…


I dont want details
Just a little encouragement that it will all be ok
I am a huge fan of this network
(most of my tv watching is here)
Just hope they stay around​:crossed_fingers::pray:


I’m with ya and I apologize for being snarky. I too enjoy many of the networks shows and would certainly miss them if they were to disappear. Subscribe, watch and recommend to others!


Sall good JohnG
Lets hope they feel the :heart:

Many would not believe it for all the crap I give @thurrott…WW.

Be they should ask if we care or allow us to opt in if it helps. I really don’t care what they track. @Leo?


I think Leo mentioned the struggles when he said “the market has spoken…”

You can solve the problems if the show by dumping Jeff Jarvis and focusing more on what is happening within Google.

Change it from “This Week in Jeff interrupting Stacey” to back what the show is supposed to be.

There are all kinds of stuff happening within Google and about Google that never gets discussed because they spend hours talking Facebook, changes to European law and other things.

Maybe time for a rebrand of the show to a politics and privacy show and get back to Google and Alphabet.

I think everyone is great
They have a great chemistry
The roti episode still is one of the best
I too have issues with the interruptions but I have seen Jeff trying to get better. I think that is more a skype issue

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Yeah, the Skype lag can be killer for a discussion show.