Words Gone/Going Extinct by Tech

Here are a few words we use daily going extinct. ( I scream at the TV every time they say Tape, Taping, Footage, Film, Filming.
Also; Cassette Polaroid, Microfilm, Negative, Slide, Snapshot, Transparency, Kodachrome,


A few that come to mind: rewind, “roll up the window”, CD (or compact disc), DVD. Those two especially for younger people who own no physical media (although same with me, I swore off physical media a few years ago). Slide and Snapshot are still relevant in some tech these days, but probably not in the context you are referring to in your post.

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This is due to the common occurrence of misusing a noun.
Even when people commonly used tape, using the term tape to describe the act of recording was not correct.

It is getting far worse now since marketing people decided to actively do this and are making nonsense of the language.
(I am a poet and lyricist so value the ability to be creative with language, but I bend and play with the rules not ignore them)

When it comes to words like Polaroid, Kodachrome, Sellotape, Xerox and Photoshop, they are not even real objects, they are brand names people use to replace an already valid word or phase that exists.
“Google it” is the current main one where people actually mean search.
That is my word for the pot made extinct by tech, marketeers and stupidity. A simple yet extremely useful word.