Will ChatGPT get up to date

I am wondering I’d ChatGPT will get up date, possibly even in real time. I have pet problem I want solved, I want to describe a type of holiday and have something offer destination solutions.

For example somewhere warm, with English, Spanish, French or Italian widely spoken, hopefully a little foodie with some good photo opportunities.

Just wondering?

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By “up to date” I’m assuming you mean the fact that the training model only contains data up to 2021? It’s entirely up to OpenAI. This is a conscious choice they’ve made rather than a technical limitation. They’ve released the current public version guided by their Iterative Deployment strategy so nobody’s feelings get hurt.

You can bet that once Microsoft and other commercial players start integrating the technology into their products their learning models will be close to real time.

Are you looking to use the API to issue your vacation request? If you simply want the question answered without the advanced sentence structure ChatGPT offers, you could just Bing the question. Bing is actually pretty good at handling those natural language queries. :slight_smile:

It is a question of money. It would cost a fortune for them to constantly index the whole of the web. As this is only a technical preview, they put a cut on the training data to save money.

They have now secured an additional $10b funding from Microsoft and said that ChatGPT 4, the next version, would include regularly updates training material. But it will then cost money to use as well…

As they mentioned on Twit clips today, the Prometheus model Bing uses for its search incorporates the Bing index model