Who else is feeling the stress

It is starting to get real now. Last week, there was 1 confirmed case and 8 people in quarantine in our town. Yesterday, it was 8 confirmed and 49 in quarantine.

(Most people are on stay-at-home already, but quarantine is a whole step further, for those that are unsure. Stay-at-home means you don’t go to work and don’t go out unnecessarily, but you can still get excercise by walking and go to the shops, doctors etc. With Quarantine, you are not allowed out of the house / to leave your property, nobody in or out. If you need supplies, somebody has to deliver them to your doorstep and leave, before you can collect them. If you live in a block of flats, you can’t even bring out your rubbish.)

Edit: We are now up to 12 infected in the town (population ~40,000)

We have close to 30 in my town - last I heard. Probably more than that now.

I don’t want to unsettle anyone, but please take these numbers as guidance. They seem small, though growing, but remember that in most cases the rate of testing is far smaller than the potential population. This means that the numbers are definitely an underestimate and could potentially be a drastic underestimate. Please look after yourselves and have faith in the distancing and isolation to help keep things as contained as they can be. The best additional advice remains to wash those hands and avoid touching your face as much as possible.


Dr. Novella of the Yale University School of Medicine has posted an excellent article of science based advice that lowers my stress.

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I have been paying more attention to the death rate and extrapolating the infection rate since we may not know accurate numbers for quite a while. Apparently the death rate overall will be something short of 1 percent. Steve Gibson mentioned this on the Security Now podcast as well. He has some great links to Covid-19 information.

The German government is saying we are still at the begging of the outbreak, we are in the quiet before the storm.

They will look at whether the lock down can be eased after Easter. But they reckon that it will still be several months before we can get back to normal.

The SMB representatives are calling for a quick restart from industry to safe companies and jobs. But the government is staying hard at the moment.

Edit : Spain is looking to reevaluate their lock down on the 11th April.

Italy is now flying patient’s to Germany for treatment and Lombardi is doing triage, deciding who is likely to survive, the rest are being turned away to look after themselves, because the hospitals are over full and they can’t cope.

President Steinmeier thanked the people of Germany for their efforts. Students and the unemployed are taking to help with the harvest.

Edit 2: Bosch should have a new test ready in a couple of weeks. It should take about 10 minutes. I think at the moment Germany is sound closer to 500,000 tests a week.

A recent video by Dr. John Cambell where he goes over the figures


I am finally getting to work from home. I have a computer set up, and my phones are forwarded from work. They let me do this because the city I live in has a shelter in place (I drive about 40 miles to get to work each day - and that town does not).

I am very much enjoying working from home. I actually can sit in front of a window now :slight_smile: . I am not suffering migraine issues all the time like I do at work, because I am away from all the fluorescent lights.


Glad you have that option now. The South Australian government department I work for has finally sorted out the option with VPN access for staff with laptops and Citrix Workspaces for those that don’t. A large number jumped at the chance when this was announced on Tuesday - I being one of them.


so happy for you :grinning: mistershipwreck


Appreciate it :smiley:


Anyone feel like some music? Since SXSW was cancelled, some PNW artists who were to perform there have taken their performances online. Dubbed NXNW:

Day 1: https://www.facebook.com/DicksDriveIn/videos/619539018625849/
Day 2: https://www.facebook.com/DicksDriveIn/videos/3271540499526050/

I’m not sure if there’s a Day 3 or not, but if there is, it hasn’t happened yet and they can be found at the Dick’s Drive In page on Facebook.


My mobile provider has changed the network name displayed on the phone.

It used to just say Vodafone.de, now it is #Stay home VF.DE


That’s great news! Hope it all goes well and you can continue to work at home after all this is over, too.


The thing with working from home - I haven’t had this much interaction with my colleagues since forever!


My carrier has changed from “02 4G” to “No Service”




That sucks dude. I hope you get it figured out soon

The stress doesn’t come from WFH, the stress comes from the fact that our entire world is collapsing. What kind of world will it be when this is over? Can we go back to the good old days? Were they that good to begin with? And where the hell is my binky?