Which Podcasting Hardware & Host Do You Recommend at Low Cost?

What would you recommend to make a podcast?

I’m a teacher, so here are the restrictions:

  • Low cost, pref. free
  • Easy to use (for students)

Thank you for your opinions, options, & opportunities.

Leo has talked about it previously. See here:



@Mistershipwreck Thank you so much.

So far, I saw Anchor as a service. I wonder if I should migrate my podcast to Anchor (for another time).
Does Anchor allow for recording remotely? Can I have 4 people in different parts of the world?
I’ve tried Zencastr with two guests and Zoom with only one unlimited and multiple up to 45min.

How about hardware? What are some good mics that are inexpensive?
I understand that phones have a great mic, but with the background noise, it is hard to record.
For my podcast, I find that the Yeti works great by lowering the gain as much as possible. However, it’s a bit on the expensive side. I tend to use DonorsChoose to help me, but I don’t always get funding. So, I might need to purchase these myself.

Again, thanks y’all.

Monoprice has a cheap condenser mic, could be what you’re looking for - https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=600202

On that note, I have a dynamic Audio-Technica ATR2100. I can’t hear myself talk in the headphones. But, sound quality is decent.

@knewman do you have one of the Stage Right mics? How good is it?

From the phone world, this is known as sidetone. See if that is mentioned in any of your settings. Not that you asked, but the Blue Yeti mic does a good job on this IMHO. (But it’s not priced toward the low side.)

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not that related to this topic but could someone recommend a relatively good directional microphone which i could use to attach to my phone (preferably usb-c) ?

addendum, either it connects to the port itself of has wire and i can place it anywhere on my phone using a clip or a coldshoe

@lylegogh I’ve been looking for one too

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