UK Viewer/Listener

Hi all …I’m 58 and have been listening to mostly the podcasts for around 6 years whilst I carry out my job.
I really can’t remember how i discovered the network but I’m sure glad I did.
I’m pretty well clued up on the Android/Windows/Hardware stuff but still enjoy learning the odd bit.
Not trying to bring the mood down too much I have to explain that I have recently been widowed and going through what I have in the last 4 years, it was the various Twit net casts that have really helped me on my “journey”. Just being able to listen to subjects I’ve passionately interested in for over 35 years was an absolute godsend. Knowing that there would be no mention of medical stories or "special memory "songs as on most radio stations it was Twit all the way.
Now more than ever I have the time to listen to more of the various net casts Leo provides for us folk living around the world.
Plus we now have this great forum for us to geek out even more !
I would like to thank Leo and all at Twit for helping me through this stage of my life.