TWIT 916: Fetch Happens

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Interesting listening to your NSA segment, many years ago my second real programming job involved wireless monitoring of computers. There was no wiretapping required you could sit over the road and watch someone’s screen, watch their keystrokes and a whole more

This was back in the early 80s, and things have advanced significantly since then.

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Spot the Fed! Just kidding. Yeah I can only imagine what kinds of surveillance is possible these days.

Different set of letters, but we did get to visit :slight_smile:

Hey @Leo also hear d you mention RSS feeds and whether anyone uses them anymore, check out SHOWRSS Info. Great for keeping up to date with shows from over the pond.

One of the more enjoyable episodes of late (perhaps the reduced Elon content?).

The YouTube case at SCOTUS is interesting, because it is clear as day that YouTube recommendations are provided by YouTube. Mike kept talking about the point of Section 230 pursuing the wrong-doers rather than the suppliers of the tools. Well, in this case the wrong-doers, if any, were YouTube.

Elon has figured out everyone is talking AI at the moment - so to keep in the news, he is going to create another AI company

If memory serves, Elon is a founder/shareholder in Open AI.

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Not sure if he still shares, certainly was a founder, doesn’t necessarily mean he knows enough to go it on his own. On performance over the past few years, he is one person I would trust less than an Amstrad AI

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Elon bailed out of OpenAI four years ago due to a dispute over the direction the company was taking