TWIT 842: The Ivermectin of Smartphones

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I’m anxiously awaiting my new Iphone 13 and think it will be a huge improvement? Why would I say that? Simple, I’ve got an iPhone 7+. Pretty sure the 13 will be better. As you said, we’re pretty much at peak phone. Upgrading every release doesn’t make sense, but if you wait a few generations suddenly it’s a lot better. The battery life will be great, and looking forward to the new cameras as well. Sure, it’s not that much better than the 12, but that’s because the 12 was already really good. That’s not a bad thing. Oh, and 10% faster? On a phone that’s already fast? That’s not too bad either.


AWESOME!! Hey, I’m new here! I only joined so I could post about this episode. This was one of the greatest episodes in a very long time. The relaxed confidence of the guests intertwined with their massive know-how and intelligence was incredible. The overall camaraderie of everyone on the show was damn near perfect. This panel definitely needs to return. This episode was true wisdom. Thank you for this excellence!!


So glad you liked it! Welcome to the forums. I hope you’ll stop by often!


another great show, with the guests you have the shows tend to be very ‘thought provoking’ at the least. I like to listen to them live then again during a ‘quiet time’ so I can soak it all up.


Someone on the panel made a point that ‘normal’ individuals don’t pay people to find tax loopholes for them. But of course, they do - millions of people pay for tax advice every year - even if much of it is just going to H&R Block or buying TurboTax.

Because the tax code is progressive, the more money you make, the bigger reward you get from tax dodges. It may only make sense for me, just an ordinary employee to pay a local CPA $200 for a consultation each year, but it might make sense for the CEO of some mega corporation with their multi-million salary to have a tax professional as part of their personal staff.

Late in discussing this episode, I listen later in the week. I enjoyed the topic of E bikes. I have an Espin, the company is actually in the San Francisco area, that I love and have put over 1500 miles on in less than a year. I have to wonder what makes one SO expensive when the one I have is great. I get at least 50 miles on a charge if not more, it’s pretty well built and a pleasure to ride. Love TWiT. Always learn a lot about the latest happenings. Thanks!

My wife has a Tern GSD “Lastenfahrrad” (cargo bike). She rides it to work every day, she’s put around 18,000 miles on it in 2 years.

Major things that regularly need replacing are the brake pads and discs, chain and the gear cogs. Bosch replaced the motor bearing free of charge in the summer, because they had worn out. I think she has had 2 gear cassettes, 1 new cog on the motor and 4 new chains.

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Wow! I thought 1500 was doing good for me. I rode mine to work in the summer. Too dangerous in the dark, no shoulder and people here drive like idiots. Only a 6 mile round trip. That’s really great, looks like it has done well with all those miles.

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She cycles 25km to and from work every day, although she was ill for a while. But she sold her car and bought the eBike instead.


I can see why, being able to use it like that and put that kind of mileage on it. Nice!