TWIT 783: The Galaxy Jaffle

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So, as the show was live, I tried to google for Jaffle Maker and here’s how that went:

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Too funny!

The whole time they were talking about it, I kept think it’s what they call a sandwich maker in these parts.

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I wonder if the pandemic will be good for the point-and-shoot market. No doubt the reason people buy the high end phones is because of the camera, so when people come to replace their phone, they might just think about spending £100 on a point-and-shoot camera and a less expensive phone

I don’t think so. I would expect flagship users to just delay their next upgrade a few more months if they’re concerned about money. If it is a situation where they need to buy a replacement NOW, and they feel like they need to step down to a cheaper phone, I don’t see them justifying an additional outlay for a separate camera-- they would just buy the best phone they can afford. I think trying to add a point and shoot back into your life as a daily carry item is just a bridge too far for most people.

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There is also that “instant gratification” thing. If you have to take the photo, take the camera home/wherever, connect it to a PC/Tablet and transfer the image, before you can post it, most people won’t bother. They’ll make do with a slightly lesser camera on a cheaper phone.

Point and shoots are a limited market. A good smartphone camera is nearly as good (if not better) and the post-processing it can do leaves most point-and-shoots in the dust.

It is only when you get into system and DSLR cameras that you see a big difference. The lenses can often cost as much as a high end smartphone, if not more.

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I think you are being too hard on Intel. Sure their CPUs are less power efficient however it is impressive how far they have been able to push the 14nm process. Kind of makes you wonder what they could do on 7nm. AMD CPUs are just a bit faster and cheaper. Not leaps and bounds.

Also, most real time performance is up to the single thread IPC and guess what? Intel CPUs are dominant in this domain. AMD CPUs are faster when it comes to rendering and unzipping files. Those are most of the non gaming benchmarks because they are easy to account for and consistent.

I posit (and why I run an Intel 10700k) is that most the benchmarks AMD scores highly on are NOT representative of what most people do. Games come closer to real stuff that most people do and Intel does not come up short in these.

TLDR; I do not think the real world performance difference is as big as many people make it out to be. AMD is still slower across the board when it comes to games.