TWIT 744: Boiling the Privacy Frog

As a TWiT regular I know who the host and guests are on this episode and what they do, but for less fanatical viewers a brief intro about each person at the beginning (including Alex on this show) would really help give context and validity to their opinions.

For those who’ve never seen or heard of Justine they were not really any the wiser by the end.

Alex tends to be vague about his work (there’s no need Alex, it’s fine to be proud of what you do, that’s why you’re asked to be on these shows, don’t feel like you’re showing off - you’re not at a house party!) and someone seeing him for the first time would have no idea who he is (or why he is actually a great person to have on the show!).

Greg’s input is appreciated but it wouldn’t have hurt to let Alex and Justine have their say.


just adding a few cents to your comment if you don’t mind :grin: @joewakeford

Justine has been friend of the show for a long time, focusing more on Apple’s stuff, but more diverse now, just need to check out her YouTube channel and you’ll know. I have only seen her on TWiT occasionally, as she must be extremely busy with her own shows and channels.

As for Alex, I think many of what he is doing has certain degree of confidentiality involved, so may be that’s why sometime he can’t divulge too much of what he’s working on. I like many of the tips he has given over the years, and I follow him on Patreon.

As for Greg, you just have to like him or not, he is brash, but no one should ask someone to be who he’s not. We keep hearing people say - just be you, be proud of who you are, blah3, but why not let Greg be Greg.

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Well, there is personality and then there is being polite. You can have strong (and apparently not always well informed) opinions and that is fine, but you still have to respect the other panelists and not hog all the air time with your mouth on overdrive because you believe you are the only one who matters. It’s called being considerate and maybe even having an ounce of empathy.


As I mentioned, I know who they are as a regular - I’m talking about newbies who would assume Alex is “just” a presenter, there was no intro for each person which usually happens, just a thought for future stand-in hosts to not go straight in with talking about some articles.

I literally mean a short intro for each person, not a long explanation - “Hi, I’m Alex and my company works on the backend for live events. This is Justine, otherwise known online as iJustine who is a stalwart in the tech online review space.”

I didn’t say I didn’t like Greg. Asking a person on a roundtable conversation show to be aware of how a conversation works isn’t asking him to be something he’s not, he is certainly capable of that as he has done it before.


I hate that so much. Carston’s not introduced to the audience, he’s not part of the panel, he interrupts people, he’s talking from somewhere off-screen.
This is just rude

It’s like a waiter interupting and joining your discussion in a restaurant. Please stop this.


Carston’s not introduced to the audience, he’s not part of the panel, he interrupts people, he’s talking from somewhere off-screen. This is just rude. It’s like a waiter interupting and joining your discussion in a restaurant. Please stop this.

I feel the same, to the point where I’m starting to turn off shows when he does this too much. As I said in another thread, it is very unprofessional. Imagine watching the evening news, only to have the camera man constantly interrupting the anchor and his / her guests. This would never be allowed to happen.

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First off, his name is spelled with K.
Second, he’s the producer and technical director not “some sound guy” as someone on this thread put it.
Third, from what I gather he’s been with Leo for a very, very long time.
Fourth, I’m sure if Leo didn’t like it he wouldn’t let him do it.
Rude? He’s been doing it for so long it’s just part of the show.
On TWiG especially he adds knowledge and provides information no one else, guest or host, know.

You can tune out if you wish. Your loss IMHO.


This is a just podcast network? some people always nit pick and don’t understand based on like its a main stream TV network which its not. It not rude at all, its just a podcast format it not about being professional on not? Its fine just the way it is. The technical director/producer cant be at the table and at the technical director console at the same time. :wink:


I like @karsten’s input. One of the TDs in the past set up a camera on himself and even had his own lower third which helped contextualise the otherwise mysterious voice, but I don’t think it went down well as it soon disappeared.


If you’re listening, you can’t see the lower thirds anyway? And @Leo says that most people listen to most shows. In that context, the only downside is that @karsten is not introduced like other hosts are. The fix there is to always have the host (i.e. Leo) introduce him the first time he chimes in.


Seems like @Leo does do that, doesn’t he? Calling him “Mr. Harvard,” at least… “technical director” at most? I think maybe it just didn’t occur to the guest hosts to do the same.


There are a couple of shows here where the producer can but in, but he has a camera at his position and he is blended into the image when he speaks. Maybe that would make it less irritating for some.

That said, I listen on the way to work in the car, so no video, so it isn’t disturbing.


Alex and Justine were great, they had some interesting discussions! Greg is a bit of a bull in a china shop, talking over people and being Debbie Downer on everything but that’s him


PJ, Normally i would agree with you as I tend to value the things that Karston adds to the conversation. With that said this episode was an exception. I get everyone’s frustration with Greg, but having listened over the years he has gotten a LOT better. When what, given Karston’s typically intellectual contributions, must be an an anti-Greg brain dead moment where he says “a lot of these problems are problems you have NO IDEA that you’re going to face them until you face them”(in regards to the need for internal data controls). Are you KIDDING ME?! If ANY of these companies had hired a single SSO or SCIF worker(basically anyone with TS or TS/SCI clearance) this would have been implemented from the get go. The need for internal data control has been implemented for DECADES, stop pretending like every issue we face is new to our current period in technological saturation. Karston was out of line this episode, and i think that’s because Leo wasn’t there to interject and guide the conversation like he normally does.


Continuing my thought process because i didn’t realize the format was going to put my post to PJ at the bottom. I like Alex, I think he is super intellegent and a great host in the right environment. With that said whoever put together the topics for this show did not think it through. You have Greg, who is known to be aggressive and a tends to be harsh in his critiques but is also very security minded. Then you have Alex who is very intellegent, but typically in regards to cameras and various media tools. Then you have a 3rd, seemingly softspoken remote guest, who i couldn’t tell you what her specialty was, because she wasn’t given any time to flex her knowledge. Then we have to add in Karston, because he interjected so much trying to balance Greg’s rants. Typically this would be valued if there was a host that felt like they could actually wrangle the conversation back in the direction it needed to go.

Look you NEED to have varied backgrounds and opinions for a show to truely flesh out any of the topics covered, but this was a failure on that front. Alex felt like an apologist for big tech, Greg was harsh but had the most intelligent argument for his points, Karston was busy fighting Greg and said some REALLY stupid things which is so not like him. The poor female guest didn’t get much in on this show. Some of these issues we’re facing are new(facial recognition), but being tracked in the grocery story is NOT, so that was an aweful example to be made. I can’t believe no one pointed out that people have been giving their phone numbers for over 20 years to grocery stores in order to receive coupons. What do people think those stores did with that information?! They put the milk, eggs, and all those things you typically need in the back to try to sell you more. The types of data breaches are new, sure, but having a need for internal data controls is NOT! Talk to ANYONE with a TS or TS/SCI clearance(like myself), and we will go into GREAT detail about the rules and restrictions in regards to the various classification of documents, materials, and the control of electronic material.

I strongly believe you need to seek out a military SSO advisor. I feel like so much of this is common sense, but I guess I take for granted the training and focus given to such topics given my background. I had to turn this show off about 3/4th the way through when Karston said: “a lot of these problems are problems you have NO IDEA that you’re going to face them until you face them”(in regards to the need for internal data controls). I was so appalled by the narrow mindedness of some of the comments on this one.

Greg can be an arrogant douche, but you want to know what, he tends to be one of the more intelligent people on the shows. With that said, his points are blunted by how poorly he argues them sometimes(poorly as in he lacks tact and consideration for others). I want more Greeg, but you need to have someone, no offense Alex, who is equally competent in the fields Greg is to be your host.


  1. Stop with your Greg hate its mostly unjustified.
  2. I agree Leo or Steve Gibson, should be the host anytime Greg is on
  3. Karston’s involvement isn’t a problem; he’s usually pretty smart…this show he was just arguing for the sake of arguing with Greg and painted himself into a corner with poor arguments
  4. I don’t think anyone was ‘mansplaining’ anything, the female guest was just polite, and Greg doesn’t care about being polite. He’s aggressive, and that isn’t ALWAYS a bad thing folks

I totally agree @LiveInTech.

To be honest, Greg was the only one talking sense, when it came to privacy and security. With ovwr 30 years working in It as a developer, security expert and data protection officer, the BS coming from Alex, Justine and Karston about it not being something that can be foreseen or that security is an afterthought or something that gets built in after a system is successful was unbelievable.

In Europe it is a legal requirement to have the security named in from the conception of a new system, if you don’t, you are in breech of GDPR.

But even before that came into play, it has always been a basic part of any system I have worked on.


Agreed with @big_D & @LiveInTech regarding security needed to be a priority, especially with the rampant ramsonware attacks on many companies and public organizations recently. I got all this via listening to Security Now. :sweat_smile:
From my non-tech experience in large organizations, security was mostly basic 30 minutes brief to employee and personnel about not clicking to suspected emails, as if we all know what suspicious email look like. Then install an enterprise intrusion detection & anti-virus package on the existing IT system, that’s it. Then when times got a bit tough, IT department got outsourced, and security got even worse.
As with regard to data protection, the company I worked at collect tons of customers’ data, and the implementation of the policy was just a memo to the local site, and asked to read it, that’s it. :scream:

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He is an Aussie not a Brit (just pointing that out!)

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Ha! That explains everything!!! :wink:

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Sorry, I should have posted this here and not in the OMG post …

Anyway …

My word does this Greg hate everything and have nothing nice to say about anything…

Never heard someone be so negative about every, that I just had to stop listening.

I know he has strong opinions, but there needs to be a balance.

This was was like listening to a spoilt child not getting what they want and pointing at fault in everything you’ve ever done for them and will ever do.

Yes he has a long track record in the arena, but you need to know how to communicate that in a constructive, entertaining and informative way. not sound like a whiny little B****

Sorry, rant over …

I think I’m missing Doctor oh Doctor too much :wink: