TWIG 654: Did We Do The Ad?

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@Leo you mention China invading other Taiwan as a mater of fact. My understand is this is military speculation, but does stem from the history of both countries and how they seem to claim they are all together one country.

Some great information can be found here for the curious:

I personally had to skip the Russia header of the show as anything a day old or even a few hours old has gone stale. However, I’m glad it’s included and discussed. :+1:

Well, when China put a law in place, it seems pretty obvious that they will invade if nothing else works.

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Reading the summary from Wikipedia, I don’t think themat law can be interpreted to match what’s happening with Ukraine. However, it does raise some eye hair. :no_mouth:

It really depends how you see the Republic of China vs the CCP civil war from many years ago.

If the American Civil way ended in a way where some of America was left under control by the losing side, how would we treat it?