TWIG 581: Monks Are Cheap

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I took the dialect quiz and got Boston, Pembroke Pines, and Miami / Hialeah. Funny thing is I live and grew up in the suburbs of Montreal. I really just wanted to see if I could confuse the test!


Not sure if the hosts read these boards but in regards to DND not working I agree with Ant. I unsuccessfully asked on All about Android a couple of weeks ago about a way to reject the calls that shouldn’t come through while in DND, because DND just silences (not reject) the call but if you happen to be doing something with the phone you will notice the call still comes through and has to be dealt with defeating the whole concept of DND (especially is streaming audio while driving), and if it is connected to bluetooth the ringer on the bluetooth device will ring through. It isn’t just an Android thing because iPhone has the same issue and it isn’t just a Bluetooth issue as I have also had it happen while using wired headphones or the phone’s speakers

the quiz i was about to take. but i laughed at the sign up page.
it asked hey, give us all the info about where you lived and ill tell you where youre from. lol

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Took the test, I am from somewhere in area to the right of a line drawn between Maine and West Texas. I guess I have just lived in too many places. Or perhaps I have always been a contrarian.


They put me in Texas, Utah and New York State. I haven’t spent any real amount of time in any of those places. :laughing:

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i didn’t see a sign up option or form like this

Pretty close for me. Not exact, but definitely usable.

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  1. Malwarebytes sued a competitor flagging as a false positive, that sounds like a pretty child like action.

  2. The Section 230 situation is a mess

@leo you should do a event about Section 230 and regulations in tech with Jeff, Denice, Mike Masnick and Justin Robert Young for the political angle