TWIG 544 - Link please for "Nunavut tracks ransomware bitcoins"

Hello … this is my first post …

I heard about the ability to track Bitcoins in the “Nunavut tracks ransomware bitcoins” story in TWIG 544. I was mentioning the tracking ability to colleagues at work, some are skeptical. May I please have the link(s) to the source story? I cannot find the story about the Bitcoin tracking, I can only find the stories about the ransomware attack itself.

FYI … Nunavut is Canada’s newest Territory, created in 1999 from part of the Northwest Territories. Nunavut has a land area of 1,877,787 km2 (725,018 sq mi), and a population of near just 39,000 (source: )


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There is always a list of links to the source stories under the show on .

The only one I see (while quickly skimming) is this one:

The list of links is after the video on this page:

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That’s the link.

To be clear, there’s no information tied to your unique Bitcoin address, unless you attach it to an account somewhere. If you’re content to leave it in Bitcoin forever, as Satoshi Nakamoto has done, no one will ever learn the true ownership. But as soon as you try to turn it into dollars you’ll have to, in some form or fashion, attach it to an identity.

That’s what’s happening with this story. Law enforcement is requesting account information from Bitfinex.