TTG 1932 for Sunday 2 October 2022

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Hi Leo,

Regarding the “fast lady” & her shocking static problem.

Here in Australia, we have or at least used to have what was called “an anti static strap”
which you attached to the rear metal chassis of the vehicle.

It was a simple rubber strap the was long enough to touch the ground when the vehicle was stationary.
The dimensions are > Length about 300 to 350 mm & was about 30 to 35 mm wide.
It had a metal/steel reinforcement clip that was folded over for strength at the top where the screw/bolt went through.

The strap discharged the static buildup which was caused by the dry atmosphere building up the static charge.on the outside of the vehicle.

The “fast lady” may want to ask around & see if a similar item is available in the U.S.A.

Hope this helps.

Stay safe.

Regards, Mike…
Way down South in Oz.