TTG 1681 for Saturday 28 Mar 2020

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An app, Bloom or something was mentioned, I think it was something that plays music similar to Heart of Space. Anyone know the name for the Android version? Thanks

FYI - the reason most trail maps are not available in GPS compatible formats is because the copyright holders of most maps do not license them for free electronic redistribution.

Audubon Society, Nature Conservancy and all the local land trusts around southern New England where I live, and likely everywhere else in the USA, do not grant permission to convert and distribute their trail maps. I have converted many dozens of maps for my hiking but do to copyright I can not distribute them. I’ve even provided updated corrected maps to a local land trust and asked but they seem to have no interest in relaxing their copyright grip :frowning: (based on a lack of copyright notices I suspect a lot of the organizations just don’t understand USA copyright and think that lack of copyright notice grants right to copy, it does not)

There is one way to get around the situation, use They don’t provide the maps instead they have user generated GPS tracks created when hiking/biking the trails.


iOS only:

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thanks Leo, rats I am a 3A XL user

But I used the info to hopefully find and Android equivalent, thanks again