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Listening to the podcast of today’s show, Leo went off on Trump’s talking about the anti malaria treatment for covid-19. I think Leo’s hatred for Trump led him to assume this as ridiculous. He might want to do a little research about this; it seems to have possibilities. Now Trump is maybe as panicked as much as many of us are and jumping to hoped for conclusions but that doesn’t mean there isn’t promise for that treatment as well as other methods being used or researched to get us out of this mess.

I believe Leo is more educated on this topic than you or Frump. The proposed drug, and indeed any drug, has other consequences, and is toxic to the body in other ways. Advocating taking something potentially toxic in one way to maybe solve some other problem needs intense scientific study, and not rumours and moronic suggestions.


I disagree; Leo didn’t demonstrate any knowledge about the issue. Leo is undoubtedly very intelligent in many ways. I am well aware of the possible affects this could have. There are stories about people with no other choice who have been saved by this “moronic” treatment…they had no other choice. It would be great if there were a year or two to wait for it to be examined so thoroughly before letting anyone take the chance of surviving with out it. Fortunately it is available as a choice for someone to make with the guidance of their physician. If you should be faced to make choices about how to deal with such extreme an outcome I am sure you will do what is best for you.

The most at risk people are the elderly and those with other health issues. If you have health issues, damaging your liver as well as dealing with the onset of lung symptoms is insanity squared.


The danger is that, because it comes from the president, there will be people out there who will go and try it without any research, not know the side-effects and dose. Usage of antimalarials and HIV meds for the treatment of Covid-19 are in the experimental stage and anyone trying it without first confirming that they are infected with Covid-19 and unfamiliar with the drug side-effects and dosage are putting themselves at extreme risk. This is not something the healthcare institutions need right now while they are stretched with treating Covid-19 patients.


prescription required. this is something needed if it is proven to work, seems like it is very possibly a valuable weapon capable of saving lives if used properly. of course we could always have them take 2 years to get to it…

Prescription or not, it is still experimental. Something being endorsed by someone in power or influence will put pressure on healthcare professionals to prescribe it without any guidelines for correct dose and proper monitoring. Taking without approval could leave to injury or symptoms being masked while infected by the virus, resulting in increased spread.


OK, lets just make it unlawful to be used in this case pending your approval he would have passed using your reasoning. Also To be fair there are also stories about those who have abused the use of the drugs and had problems. I am only saying that for those with no other choice it seems to be a good idea for them and their physicians to have that option when no other options exists

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I claim that I was very thirsty and Coke saved my life. Let’s make it a suggestion that everyone stop drinking water and only drink Coke. Please ignore any science indicating that Coke is mostly water, that’s just fake news.

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I’ll just drop this here without further comment:

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It also seems like the first tests are showing that heart failure is a very real side effect.

It will take at least a year for the tests to be completed, before it can be used on more than the test subjects.

I think this is also one of the problems with all these films we’ve had over the last 30 years about viruses and diseases, the hero finds the possible solution, tried it on himself or a liver one, they recover in a few minutes and they start injecting everyone in site. Miracle, end credits.

Hollywood needs to cut the real protocol into a few minutes to make the film work.

In reality, they need months or years to find the cure or vaccine and then you need long clinical trials. There is no cure in a few minutes or a few days.

Now people are used to this wonder and expect it in real life.

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After spending a year housebound as a result of side effects from a prescribed drug, I’d emphasis that part of the time taken in testing is to establish the range of side effects and whether they can be exceptionally severe for some people.

Different people can get different side effects at different levels of severity, and it takes time to establish how many people could get them at a potentially fatal level - and a lot of volunteer testers.

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I (and thousands of others) took these medicines as a malaria prophylaxis for 2 years. The only side affect was slight diarrhea at times. I realize that when used in this manner it will need to be investigated. Oh yah, don’t eat fish tank cleaner

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Not to mention that people who need Chloroquine for other conditions, like Lupus, are now facing shortages because the President recommended it without any medical basis.

One word: Forsythia.

I expect better from the leader of the free world. You should, too.


Leo, he like many were very hopeful for a treatment that would help get us through this mess until vaccines are available. People are very scared right now as you know and looking for any hope they can find.

Some of the shortage is due to some pretty pathetic doctors hoarding the medicine, but fortunately this is being studied and production is being increased. Israel even sent some to the US.

The National Institute of Health states that further clinical studies are needed before Forsythia can be used…isn’t this the same situation with Chloroquine?

Somehow I think your hatred for Trump is influencing your opinions of Trump. I am not here to defend him, I didn’t vote for him. I also cringe at times when he speaks. Ironic that he gets a 60% approval for his handling of this crisis. History will judge the job he does. I fear CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and the like are not valid resources to consider right now as far as his handling. I do think he has gathered some pretty talented resources to address this issue.

I flush down the toilet more talented resources than Pence. Just sayin’.

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I suspect you have other reasons for being so crude. Pence is not the talented resource I was thinking of but he does seem to have a calming manner when speaking.