Trying to setup DD-WRT on Linksys 3200 Router


My name is Chris

I’m trying to setup DD-WRT on my Linksys 3200 Router

I got the did-wrt installed on the linksys router


I got the Wi-Fi information setup

But on my desktop computer no internet or IP address

I will be uploading photos and videos when I get home from work tonight

To let you guys know what I’m looking at


I’m afraid I don’t understand your problem. Normally you need to hardwire into the router to do the initial setup. (Which you implied you did by saying “I got the Wi-Fi information setup”. There is normally no configuration needed for a direct wired connection, assuming you have the wires in the correct ports. (Usually only one of the ports is for the WAN (the side your modem should be on) and any of the remaining ports should be valid for the wired device.

So do you have a working connection when you are direct wired? If so, then I assume you are trying to connect the desktop PC via wireless?

Looking on the Linksys site, the device should have a dedicated WAN port, which leads to the modem, if the modem isn’t connected to the Internet and the Linksys isn’t connected via the WAN port to the modem, it won’t get Internet.

If you aren’t getting assigned an IP address over wireless, then I would guess the DHCP isn’t configured correctly.

Can you still connect via cable? Do you get an IP address then?

If not, you will need to look at the documentation and see what the default IP address range is and manually give the PC an address in that range, so that it can connect and you can work on the set-up further.

Also, Windows (and most other OSes these days) often fail to connect to an access point, if it doesn’t provide internet. You need to force it to connect in those circumstances.

But I’d go back to wired first and ensure that the Wi-Fi is set-up properly and that the DHCP settings are correctly apportioned to the main and guest networks.

You can set up by connecting to the DD WRT wifi but cable is best. You should specify if you can connect thru ethernet. Did you hide the ssid?

Here’s is what I did so far

Sure looks like your computer is talking to the router, but you don’t show the front panel of the router in the photos. What’s the “Internet” light status on router front panel?

I got it working

I just reflash the linksys router and put all my information in


It working

I don’t know what I didn’t do last time

But thanks for all the help guys and ladies