TNW 173: An NFT Is What Now?

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Regarding the piano roll item, it might be unplayable because it was recorded in more than one pass. There were a number of different recording systems, but one of them not only punched the roll in real time as the performer played, but would play any notes already on the roll. In an early equivalent of multi-track recording, some performers would record the standard solo performer score, then restart the roll and record a part scored for a second, or even third, pair of hands - leading to a virtuoso performance that couldn’t be reproduced by an unaided human being.

No references, because I heard about this something like forty years ago (and saw demonstrations of the technology), but if you search for “reproducing pianos” you will go down a very large rabbit hole that leads to this kind of stuff. Musicians have always loved it when technology allowed them to do something impossible.

Saw the same thing applied to a cinema organ - roll-playing technology that produced a virtuoso performance on sixty feet of pipes and percussion, with a connected grand piano played at the same time, all operated by pneumatics. Mostly sold to 1920s millionaires for their palaces, the attraction being that you only had to turn a switch to experience an orchestra-sized performance live in your house.


Jason —first, A person has no expectation of privacy when walking in the public way.
second-- my neightborhood has had thieves breaking into cars at night and many residents have installed Ring cameras(once a twit advertiser) to protect/discourage/capture these thieves. Is that what you consider “arming oneself”.
third – often cameras installed by local authorities are used for traffic control and as a benefit are used for weather reporting during storms to keep the public informed of dangerous driving conditions etc—just one of many positives derived from these installations.
finally–yours or Mikah’s personal commentary about the problems you had with these cameras amounted to " things are less violet now than they were in the past". Let me just say there are neighborhoods that are much more violet and deadly than the national average. Check out this headline from the Chicago Sun Times " After 3 years of progress, Chicago’s murder tally skyrockets in 2020"

Finally, finally I want to say I enjoy your weekly tech-news-roundup even if I do not always agree with the personal and political commentary