Thanks to Rich Demuro

Really enjoyed the two weeks Rich Demuro filled in for Leo. Different style, but he entertained and provided interesting outlook. Three things he discussed really helped me.

His interest in and knowledge of scanning tools was a real eye opener. Never knew I could scan documents directly using Apple Notes on my iPhone, and it’s the best I’ve used yet. Now, if I could just find a way to backup Apple Notes easily.

Satpaq looks like a really good solution for people who spend time physically off the grid. Hope Dr. Bird heard it.

And Airalo turns out to solve travel comms. Just used it to install an esim that is providing mobile data from a second provider in Australia, where the major mobile providers do not allow use of esim on prepaid plans. Speed is pretty good, though the ping delay is fairly large. Hit the internet in Singapore. Adding a VPN slows it down to snails pace, depending on where I select as the location. Intend to give it a go on next overseas travel. Hope @leo looks at it and gives an opinion on a future show.

Thanks Rich.


Yeah, that Apple Notes tip was news to me too. Very cool!

I personally like it when Leo invites Rich on twit to host. He’s got certain style to how he talks tech that most of my family understands and likes. Hopefully we can see more of him on the other shows like Twit or Twig.

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Seconded! Rich is great!


I like Rich, I am wondering if he will ever join the TWiT cast?

He’s been on TwiT before

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He should be a regular…

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