Starting up apps difficult on MacOS and slow because of fault in spy logging by Apple Servers?

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What is the quote, something like “don’t attribute to malice what is more readily explained by incompetence”

It it not “spy logging”, but a poor implementation of checking for certificate revocation

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Also, I read that it’s the developer cert that is checked, and Microsoft signed their office apps in such a way that once it’s checked for one app (let’s say Word), the next app (We’ll go Excel this time) just opens up right away because the cert was already checked.

From what I have read, it seems the cache is memory only, so rebooting clears the checked cert cache.

Yes. I don’t like the way they do it, and the way it is, it probably isn’t GDPR compliant - all transmissions back to base need to be clearly documented. Additionally, if there is any personally identifiable information, such the IP address or a machine ID stored on the Apple servers in Europe, the transmission has to be opt in.

After the collapse of privacy shield,sending the data back to the US would be a no-no.

This is the reason why Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 is theoretically illegal in Europe. It sends data back to the USA that is not documented.

Whether it contains PII or not is irrelevant, if it is not clearly documented.

If Biden takes his responsibilities seriously, he might be able to rescue the US Cloud industry, internationally. Trump failed to fulfil any of the USA’s obligations under Privacy Shield, which is one of the reasons why it failed and makes pretty much any cloud service with affiliations to the USA untenable in Europe at the moment

We need an equivalent to Privacy Shield and the cancelling of the Patriot Act and the CLOUD Act as quickly as possible., if the cloud has a chance of survival.


Some more info, from a more “pro Apple” perspective.

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“For people who understood what was happening behind the scenes, there was little reason to view the certificate checks as a privacy grab.”

Agreed! sure glad I cloned my Catalina drive before upgrading to Big Sur. I did the upgrade, I have to say it’s atrocious. Put my Catalina disk back in right away. Can’t stand the Gui changes.

How dare them circumvent My VPN!