Social media freebies/influencers product safety concerns

here is the article that brings content what I am asking about.

So lately I have been receiving many offers to get free products if you please rate our 5 stars. Some products are very deserving of the 5 stars and some products I honestly cannot share a 5-star review with so I end up returning it and pen an honest review online. Now some of these products have me personally interested, for example, claims of MFi certified phone cables or 8 port network usb-c hub. But then when I read articles like the one above I grow a sense of caution. I don’t ask to cause a sence of paranoia. There are good people out there trying to make good products and dont have the advertising bedget like Belkin and what not. But it has me thinking of digital staftey. What do you guys think?

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If you get it for free, it’s worth exactly what you paid for it.

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Do you mean safety as in privacy and security or something like using a non-standard charger on your phone and blowing up the battery?

Interesting. So there’s two things going on here:

  1. Manipulating online reviews by offering a product in return for a 5 star review (note that this is very different to offering a review unit)
  2. Security concerns associated with cables

I’ve been very careful about buying things like charging cables, batteries etc for a couple of years now. Stories like this show how many counterfeit cables are on Amazon, even if they are marked as genuine, and how they are potentially dangerous. I’d rather not risk my phone frying on the bedside table or powerbank exploding in my backpack because they’re knockoffs, so I go oldschool now and head down to a local electronics shop for things like that. The chance that the cable I’m getting online is stealing my data is now another reason for me to do this.

I wonder if one of those ‘USB condom’ devices would protect you.

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I would say both godfrey.

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