SN 881: The MV720

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Regarding the VBA macros, as they can be enabled by Group Policy or by signing them, I think Office should default secure. Anybody who isn’t capable of either signing the code they need to run or setting up a group policy for the users that need macros should most definitely not be let loose any where near unsigned macros from the Internet.

We have a few users who get sent Excel worksheets in either .xls or .xlsm format, which are automatically blocked by Exchange. When they ask us, how they can download and open the attachments, we are hard, we say, that both formats are unsafe, and that by Microsoft themselves, and that they need to go back to the sender and get them to send the data in a safe format, such as .xlsx (okay, relatively safe :rofl:). We do not make any exceptions.

It is amazing how many ‘professional’ institutions, including certification bodies and public laboratories (we work in the chemical industry) still use .xls by default, even after it being declared unsafe by Microsoft for well over a decade!