SN 875: The PACMAN Attack

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How does PassKeys work, if you don’t have biometrics?

I don’t have it on my Mac mini and we are not allowed to activate it on our company phones, for example.

SQRL logon on the Community results in a Bad Gateway 502 error

@Leo, under GDPR, essential cookies can be stored, you have to inform the user about them.

Essential = cookie preference cookie, navigation & preferences of the site cookie, logon cookie, for example.

Non-essential are any 3rd party cookies and 1st party cookies used to track the user or gather profiling information on the user.

The “we use cookies” banner has been illegal since the introduction of the GDPR, with the exception of a site like TWIT, which can say we only use essential cookies (a link to the privacy policy explaining what the “essential” cookies are is needed).

It also has to be as easy to reject all cookies as it is to accept all cookies. If a site makes you go through a secondary dialog and disable everything, it is not GDPR compliant (it has to be opt-in anyway, so they have to be disabled by default).

I actually go through the process of disabling all non-essential cookies on every site I visit. I think it is a good idea and I am glad I have the option.