SN 749: Windows 7 - R. I. P

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When considering ways to allow Law Enforcement to access a phone have you considered a hardware connector on the phones motherboard (like JTAG)? This could be very secure since it requires complete access to the device, the phone would need to be disassembled to access the connection, and a secure key would need to be used to access the connection.

This would also eliminate the backdoor situation since someone would have to have the specific device in hand and take it apart to access the connection.

In regards to locking your credit, it has definitely become much easier over the past couple of years. I’ve been locking my credit for at least the past 10 years or so. I just had to go in and make a temporary unfreeze on all three of the major bureaus for a car loan. All three now let you do a freeze or unfreeze completely online (also, all are free at least in CA). Now that the process is so much easier than calling, there is no reason not to do it.

New police equipment to search mobile devices

"Technology which allows the police to gather data from some mobile phones or tablets without using a password will be rolled out from Monday.

Police Scotland has spent more than £500,000 buying 41 desktop-sized machines which override encryption on devices.

The move has already been delayed amid concerns the technology may be unlawful."

A thin bead of JB Weld or similar epoxy should prevent anyone opening the phone to attach things. Also stops the phone from being repaired, but that is the trade-off.