Silicon Valley "native" artist/geek

Though reared a Silicon Valley native, I have always found myself to be an artist first, geek 2nd. I grew up building my own PC’s but transitioned to Apple with the iMac and never looked back. I find that electronics’ emissions are hard on my system so go online wired, these days using a Camera Adapter in conjunction with an Ethernet Adapter into my iPad Pro 10.5" (2017), and VibesUP vibrational therapy tools help reduce the inflammation I sustain through the use of my devices. iPad OS has finally begun to deliver on the promise of its hardware, and I am happy to see signs of life at last with Siri, Shortcuts, and Automations. I have also dabbled with learning Swift through Playgrounds, and wish that I could author real software right on my iPad.

I have to say I have an arm’s-length relationship with TWiT because of its reliance on sponsors’ making its output far too soft on surveillance capitalism, but its technical perspecacity keeps it on my radar.