Shortcut to Toggle On - Off "Silence Unknown Callers" on iPhone

Hi, I am looking for a shortcut to toggle on and off the new iOS 13 feature “Silence Unknown Callers”. I do not see a way to do this currently and am not fluent in the Shortcuts app to be able to create it, if it is possible. Looking for some help with this, thanks!

I cant help you toggle on and off silence unknown callers, but you can customize do not disturb to only let through calls from only people in your contacts. The only issue with this was that it didnt let through texts for me but i used that before the silence unknown callers toggle was incorporated.

Zeke, Thanks. I do use the do not disturb feature at night but my phone is a business phone and cant use it during the day. The silence unknown callers is useful during the day but again there are times I need to turn off.

Just want to make sure your aware of the customizations you can do to the Do not Disturb function in the settings under Do Not Disturb. it allows you to customize what actually can and cant get through and you can even schedule it to turn on and of after buisness hours.

Doesn’t turning on Do Not Disturb silent all notifications? It let those in your contact list through but everything else goes silent, even email notifications, app notifications, etc, right?

You are correct. I am only looking to silence spam calls.

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I don’t have a simple toggle for this, but dang is it great!!

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Yes it’s great but it would be great to turn it off quickly or temporarily. There are times when I order a Lyft or have a good delivery coming or have a contractor coming over to do repairs and know they may be calling.