Ready Player Two

The sequel to Ready Player One… creatively entitled Ready Player Two was released earlier today. The audiobook I pre-ordered found its way into my library earlier this morning. If anyone else if reading / listening to it, how are people finding it?


I really enjoyed reading ‘Ready Player One.’ Thanks for letting me know this exists!

I really enjoyed the audiobook for Ready Player One narrated by Wil Wheaton.

My pre-order just dropped into my library today!!!

Enjoy… it’s a good book so far

I know Leo and others bashed Ready Player One that it wasn’t technically a great book, but everyone I’ve given a copy to thoroughly loved the adventure. It brought me back to kid level imagination and got my nostalgia going for the 80’s.

I pre-ordered the sequel, should get it Friday. Trying to keep an open mind even though critic reviews are not great.

The original was more enjoyable than the sequel but I liked both of the books

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My pre-order of Ready Player Two just dropped in my Audible library a few days ago