OnlyFans hates "dirty" money, apparently

As we all know “sex sells.” Apparently OnlyFans hasn’t gotten that memo:

So they’re going to Tumblr themselves. They don’t seem to realize the money they would get as investment is targeted because they want the audience, and the audience is there for the fact that the content is explicit, and if the content goes away, the audience goes away, and the investors go away and then… “profit?”

They should simply make an OnlyAdultFans or an OnlyFansX or whatever it takes to split their branding so they can still have stupid people give free money to influencers while those who want content they can get nowhere else can subscribe to their naughty product.

(Disclosure: I’m not a prude, but with so much free content out there I should note that I have not, and never will, subscribe to any paid content on OnlyFans–the only time I have ever used it was to follow talent providing free NSFW content.)

Edit: Ars article blames the banks.



There’s an interesting reddit post suggesting they saw what Visa and Mastercard did to Pornhub and fear that as soon as a big news story hits about underage Onlyfans users, they’ll be next.

The troubling part for me is that this puts Visa and Mastercard in a government-like position of deciding what kinds of businesses are allowed to exist while not being accountable to anyone but their shareholders for the impact of such a decision. If Onlyfans has a problem with illegal content, it should be subject to legal sanctions, not coercion by other corporations.

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The Verge has an article about the change to the acceptable use policy. Its pretty explicit that only “artistic nudes” will be allowed to remain, but they’re giving the creators until Christmas to clean out stuff that was welcomed in the past but that now violates the new terms.

It’s going to be fun to watch them implode, just like Tumblr. I wonder if anyone will even remember them in 2025.

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The BBC reported they did an investigation and found illegal explicit content (sexual acts and minors).

In May, BBC News revealed the site was failing to prevent under-18s from selling and appearing in explicit videos, despite it being illegal for children to do so. At the time, OnlyFans said attempts to use the site fraudulently were “rare”.

OnlyFans says it has now removed the videos and the documents are not manuals or “official guidance”. In a statement it says: “We do not tolerate any violation of our terms of service, and we take immediate action to uphold the safety and security of our users.”

He says he has found illegal and extreme content in videos - including bestiality involving dogs and the use of spy cams, guns, knives and drugs. Some material is not actively searched for by moderators as frequently as he believes it should be, says Christof, despite being banned under the platform’s terms of service.

On multiple occasions, he says, OnlyFans told him he over-moderated, particularly in relation to videos showing sex in public and to “third-party” content - material featuring people not registered with OnlyFans.

Christof also says that despite being banned, the advertising of sex for sale is common among low earners on the site.

Christof, and a second person who has moderated content for the site, say some creators offer competitions to meet and have sex with a fan, as a way of increasing tip payments.

One of the documents we obtained detailing moderation guidelines in 2020, states that adverts for sex are an issue for the site.

However, staff are told to moderate accounts with low user numbers “as we would and [restrict] when necessary”. With middle range accounts, they are told to warn, “but only restrict after the 3rd warning”. If one of the site’s most successful - and lucrative - creators breaks the rules, the account is dealt with by a different team.

I’d never heard of the site, before they hit the news. It look like they have a 2 class system, although the BBC report is a little prudish - they seem concerned that accounts with “illegal” content only have the content removed and are issued a warning, up to 3/5 times, instead of the account being closed on the first offence. Warnings are in line with how most sites work, somebody can overstep the line without meaning to, for example.

That said, the UK has a long issue with prudism. Whilst the US can be very prudish (Janet Jacksons wardrobe “accident”, for example or “fuzzing out” or covering breasts and pubic area in autopsy scenes in TV shows - NCIS is a great example) in public, they also have hard core porn industry. The UK is more consistent, with strict laws on cinematography (including porn). When I was younger, porn couldn’t show an erect member, it couldn’t show penetration or actual intercourse… I believe the rules have been relaxed since then, but they aren’t as free, as say, the Netherlands or Sweden, or Germany for that matter.

OnlyFans is a UK based company, so it is coming in for more scrutiny based on UK laws - no minors, no animals in sex acts etc. possibly restrictions on actual penetration(?).

That makes it a lot easier to, at least publicy, ban such activity. Otherwise they will fall foul of censorship laws and land in even hotter water.

The problem is, if the content is illegal, then Visa and Mastercard are culpable, if they allow payments to be processed, if they know that it is for something illegal.

This isn’t Visa and Mastercard just dropping merchants on a corporate whim, this is about corporate responsibility as well.

While OnlyFans would be subject to legal sanctions, the payment providers would also be subject to the same legal sanctions, if they were found to be supporting such merchants, after it was known that they were breaking the law.

It surprised me that OnlyFans didn’t try to pivot to Bitcoin. It might help Bitcoin go more mainstream just like porn helped VHS and online payments in the early net.

Just came across this great 80’s one hit wonder… and it kinda fits the situation:
“Looking for a new star to put you in a trance”
“working in a factory” (to be a naughty media creator)
“rich man poor man living in fantasy” (won’t me getting those bucks no more)
“Let’s go all the way” (maybe not so much any more)

Apparently they’ve become self-aware… LOL

OnlyFans wasn’t the one who was going to fight the payment processors (although they kinda did). Someone out there will eventually shoot bitcoin to the moon by making it the only way to get their not-illegal-but-not-puritan entertainment.

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