Once I understood, I giggled

Just an anecdote about something that just happened with my Google Home…

First a backgrounder: sometimes when I’m doing some mundane task, a word or question will float into my head, and I’ll wonder about it. But busy, I query Google. Tonight it was a word.

“Hey Google, define castigate.”

What Google did next was weird - freaky even!

I paraphrase: “Ok, ok! I got this! I got stage fright!” (In Issa Rae’s voice)


I then re-asked for the definition, and got it as per normal.

Google, you’re weird. LOL! :rofl::joy:


This kind of nuance is way beyond what any “AI” program could do, I’ve got to imagine there’s some engineer or product manager behind this. I hope they’ve got a counter that alerts them every time a query like this occurs so they get a nice giggle out of it!

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