Need help with pi 3


My name is Chris
I’m having some trouble with my Raspberry pi 3 setting up Dietpi.

When I get done putting the iso on the SSD card.
When I try to install pi-hole and Pivpn.

I get errors

I look at the network
I setup Ethernet to static

Not sure how to fix it

When I get home from work I will reply back to whom ever get back to me


What errors re you getting?


Have you copied the ISO itself to the memory card, or have you run the set-up routine that transfers the data from the ISO to a bootable image?

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I think they really missed an opertuinty to make a Pi joke… why call it Pi 3 when it could be Pi 3.14

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I used the raspberry pi software to put the Iso on the sd card.

Then I put the Sd card in the Raspberry Pi 3.

Then boot up the pi 3

Started to install the Pi vpn and pi hole

Got the error

I will put a link to what I’m doing video boot up with what is happening pi 3 utube video

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These look ok but it depends on your network settings, are you getting an error after this ?

You could set it to not to use a static IP (it might say dynamic or DHCP) which would get you past this screen. If you need a static IP you can always change that later.

I got it figured out and working now

Need to reset my Linksys router



I cannot believe this. I had the very same issue with my Pi 3 the other day. I was installing Raspbian and it wouldn’t get a DHCP lease, only stateless IPv6 would work. Then I tried to install Xbian, same thing. Resetting my router did the trick.

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