More about mx records

this topic of having your own custom email moniker seems a bit tricky. if I set my mx record to point to some google email servers, what are they going to do if they see an incoming mail message to How will they know it goes to a particular account on the google side as opposed to just bouncing it saying wrong server not my domain?

In order for this to work your would need to sign up for g suite and add your domain to your account through the G Suite admin console.

Once this is done Google will know which emails exist for your domain and will route the emails appropriately.

Note: this will give you your own email address at your domain, but wouldn’t really be running your own mail server.

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@ScruffyDan has a good point on this one. An MX record would only point to Google, unless you’re looking to forward in which case you can check if your domain registrar has email forwarding capabilities OR setup your own SMTP server with an MX record and use it to forward

Yes, Leo did a terrible job explaining what the caller needed to do. MX records only work for a server that is hosting your email. If you are using your registrar to provide email forwarding, MX needs to point to them. Two completely different topics.

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I thought it sounded too easy!