MBW 831: The Fluid Generic Bioprocessing Apparatus

Beep boop - this is a robot. A new show has been posted to TWiT…

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In Germany, the series that @Leo was talking about is called “The Girl in the Water”.

I see what he means about the tilt and shift, but also, when that isn’t there, they have used incredibly tight focus with a very shallow depth of field, so everything apart from the core subject of the frame is out of focus - bokeh - but this is artificial, I think. They haven’t used a real camera lens to get the effect, it feels like it is done in post and the blurring is all computer generated and feels “false”.

Probably it allowed them to not have to worry too much about pulling focus on scenes, where the focus changes between two characters, but the computer generated blur just feels, well, computer generated. Also, for example in the taxi, it feels really horrible, because you focus on the headset in the drivers ear and the partition, the dashboard and the street are all artificially blurred.

There is also a problem, in that a lot of the scenes (E.g. first time back at work), where she is walking along with a colleague and the camera is jolting up and down the whole time, which is a horrible effect, especially combined with the artificial blurring.

So far, it has only been a couple of short scenes in tilt and shift and I think that is there for effect, we are seeing the world through her disorientated view and that works well. I could put up with that, but the fake bokeh effect in every other shot just makes my left eye “tick”, after a few minutes of watching it, a muscle/nerve in the eye was pulsing and I had to shut the eye.

My eyes are very sensitive to “bad” focus, I once visited a friend who did a party film night, with a projector, but they couldn’t get the focus sharp, everybody else didn’t care, but I had to leave the room after about 10 minutes of the film, because my eye was “jumping” as it tried, and failed, to compensate for the slightly out of focus image. So I am already in a minority that can’t watch the series because of the non-tilt and shift scenes…

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Alex made a great point about the danger of going remote. In the next few years, a lot of jobs that are now starting to flex to WFH will eventually move overseas. Not all, of course. There are many that still require some degree of local market knowledge, and there are some with time zone restrictions, but companies will absolutely find ways to offshore more jobs as a next step in the transition from in-person to remote work.


Although this has already happened in my industry many years ago. Almost everything was outsourced and moved offshore - they kept going until they broke the support model. Then brought enough key roles back onshore + added a layer of governance to make it work again.

So all that has happened in the last couple of years is that governance layer + critical people still in the UK WFH if possible.


My career is being part of that governance layer :slight_smile:

There’s going to be ebbs and flows over the next few years. Some organisations will take advantage of the opportunities to organise/coordinate more remote workforces, others will attempt to revert back to pre-pandemic situations with varying levels of success.

Just got this from our bank. Is that security flaw more serious than usual? Never had them reach out like this before.

The patch fixed 2 zero day exploits, one of which, in Safari, is being actively exploited, so, yes, it is serious. The exploits are also patched in macOS and iPadOS.

But, you have to navigate to a malware infested website in order for it to get into the phone, so the threat is not that great, currently.

Is it serious? Yes
Should you patch, when you get a chance? Yes
Should you drop everything and patch immediately? No
Should you panic? No

Microsoft, Google and Linux all patched similarly severe bugs this month as well.

I’m not sure why Apple has been singled out for hysteria this month. Be careful and patch when convenient and everything should be ok.