MBW 799: Rubber Suits With Ping Pong Balls

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I read a book, because I want to use my imagination. I don’t want pictures, and I definitely don’t want video or audio. I generally read a book in situations where audio can’t be played - during a break at work, while my wife is watching TV or when I am in bed, all those times, audio just won’t work.

Likewise, as @Leo said, I listen to audio books and podcasts when I am walking the dog, driving or doing exercise and video is useless.

A book that is a video is not a book, you lose so much.

As to the COVID app discussion, I don’t know how much it is used here, you have to use it, or the CovPass app to get into shops, pubs or other venues.

If you test positive or you are informed that you have been in contact, you have to isolate. As long as you have been vaccinated, you get normal sick pay until you can test yourself free (after 5 days).

If you haven’t been vaccinated, you don’t get sick pay, I believe. Maybe @carbonga has better knowledge of the current rules.

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Don’t listen to MBW (not my turf), so I’m going to fly blind here:

No, I don’t. Lost track a while ago. Just going with the flow and happy that everything kind of keeps working, the city remains open, and how things appear to get better with Omicron (many mild cases that appear to help raise immunity en large).

What I find strangely fascinating to watch are the protests against the Covid measures on the streets. I am drawn between finding them repulsive (come on, let’s pull ourselves together, not fall for conspiracy theories, and the seeming childish urge to rebell against any form of sensible authority just to drag this thing out indefinitely), rather logical (not all too implausible response to cutting rights of part of a demographic for a prolonged time), a sad chore for police, a good riot training and quality assurance evaluation for police (looking at you, Saxony), an understandable sign of societal fatigue during a long and simmering crisis, and a critical failure of keeping a stiff upper lip (which we were never known for, just borrowed from our friends).

But yeah, in terms of rules: if you’re vaccinated it’s like there’s no Covid except for proving you’re vaccinated, masks, and distancing. I like how some rules have inspired common sense (e.g. if you don’t feel fit, you simply stay at home). I hope we can, one day, get back to e.g. riding trains without masks.


I don’t really keep up with all the rules either. I absorb what I have to do (bolstered) and the fact that I don’t go out, apart from to the office 5 days a month (4 people on a 1 person presence rota) or to the supermarket.

The rest is just our daughters coming to visit or us visiting them.

Apart from that, it is walks in the countryside, where you are generally alone and no real restrictions in place.


Regarding Alex’s comments about books, if I recall correctly he’s said that he doesn’t read fiction.