MBW 689: Step Away From the Gummy Bear

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Fun and passionate discussion, :angry::face_with_hand_over_mouth: still listening though. IMO of the discussion about Apple music & licensing is as follow…
Is Apple getting into business & enterprise via PlayNetwork a good idea? I don’t know. If Apple have licenses to exclusive contents not available else where, may be yes, only if those exclusive contents actually matched the requirements of those business clients.

I used to work in a very well known fashion retail establishment where they use PlayNetwork for music played in the stores. The songs were terrible, the songs were mostly indie bands, extra unfamiliar to the customers. My impression was that both customers and store staffs can’t feel the vibe at all (suppose to be a hip & cool shop) It was really a downer, so hope Apple music can do better curation.

Re: the sugarfree gummy bears reviews, this reminded me of some other “creative” Amazon reviews. In the UK a garden water storage barrel is called a “water butt”, although the US usage of “butt” is familiar too. Amazon sold a submersible pump under the name Water Butt Pump, and there were some very creative reviews from people who seemed to have misunderstood its purpose. One of the best was written in the style of a brisk, if dim, retired Army officer, and concluded something like “… excellent product, but I think next time I use it I’ll cover the carpets with plastic…”