MBW 683: Sick Burn at Budokan

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@Leo Great that Epson EcoTank is back as a sponsor. Besides the cost, it’s so frustrating to have a cartridge printer complaining about low toner seemingly every other time you use it. I see they have Siri shortcuts in their iOS app. Have you pitched Epson to do a live demo in their ads?

@Lory your hometown Sacramento is the HQ for Balanced Body, which I believe the biggest Pilates equipment manufacturer on the planet. One of Joe’s original props was the Magic Circle:

If you really like your Ring Fit Adventure, you could go to classes at BB or smaller studios in town. :grin:


This is amazing. I had no idea we had this in Sac. Not gonna promise anything, but if the Ring Fit makes me care about exercising, I’ll def. check it out!

Look at that picture of old Joe! I have a ton of Balanced Body gear (it’s easily the best) including a cadillac reformer, EXO chair, and, yes, that magic circle! I’ve been a pilates freak for 10 years. I take a group class on Tuesdays, and private instruction on our equipment Thursdays. I used to take class every day!

Here I am “working my core” on the chair with my instructor Noa:

Pilates is a perfect exercise, especially for older folks like me. Dancers love it, too.

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Yep. They’re a cool company. Founder Ken Edelman is a Pilates historian. He and a bunch of other enthusiasts got the “Pilates” trademark thrown out 20 years ago; that was a Very Good Thing. They have 1,000 solar panels on their roof and a sustainable wood source for their products. Nora St. John runs a worldwide touring education program with amazing instructors like Elizabeth Larkam out of Stanford.

I had no idea Leo used BB gear. His work on the EXO Chair below is pretty snazzy. That is hard stuff. Shoulders look great.

Leo: you could have Ken or one of his educators on Triangulation: bring your chair in and do a live demo!

I hesitated to post that image; it’s from a different era. Joe was not a perfect person, but Joe and Clara left the world with a fabulous gift.

Thank you! I worked with a private instructor for three years before she would allow me to take group classes. Pilates is very easy to do wrong - and very powerful when done right. Unfortunately, even group classes are relatively expensive, which I think discourages people.

My attitude is that paying for fitness instruction is cheaper than a heart attack.

Oh, and Lisa uses it more than I do:

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Agreed. Semi-privates are a decent compromise – provided there’s good chemistry between the instructor and students. If everyone has that collaborative attitude, semi-privates have the added value of observing corrections of other students. You’ve got an amazing facility, but there’s no way to do semi-privates at Studio LaPorte.

I don’t know if there is an answer to bring Pilates to the masses. It would be a good question to ask the BB education staff. Joe wanted a Chair in every living room.

One interesting thing I have found is the Weckmethod RMT Rope work (short instruction videos available at the Weckmethod site; comprehensive program DVD available from Amazon: “Intro to Rolling Ropes DVD”) . The bread-and-butter movement is a “dragon roll”, which recruits pronators and supinators in the arms and legs. It’s the only exercise I ever did which fatigued the tiny abductor digiti muscle of the hand – the Vulcan “live long and prosper” muscle.

The rope-work is great because the rope gives you feedback on form. It takes patience – I had to work for 3 years before I got a really good “dragon roll”. Today, I do at least one 8-minute RMT Ropes session daily. Weck trained with legendary jump rope educator Buddy Lee before creating this remarkable non-jumping jump rope system.

One other promising exercise system are the Pahlavandle Indian Club handles from Heroic Sport. These handles were the Cool Tool of the day a while back. Pahlavandle provides a gentle way to learn Indian Club routines. Students can graduate to heavier payloads or mace work – or just stay with the lighter club work. Heroic Sport founder Thierry Sanchez (the guy in the red vest) does some great Indian Club instruction, including instruction for Parkinsons patients.

I have to disagree with @Leo’s proposed dichotomy of making money in the market on the one hand, and leaving altogether on the other, as well as his accepting fiduciary duty as the only binding principle on behavior. Apple’s strong sales are its best card to play because of the benefit it brings to China and its economy, which is why its operations continue despite its scofflaw and/or gadfly status in Beijing’s eyes. Abandon that, and yes, folding out of the market is the only viable strategy to maintain any integrity, but don’t pretend like the opposite has to mean perfect placation/capitulation! Leo said, “I want to sit on the fence on this one”? Apple’s the one walking a tight-rope productively over the right principles, whereas I see Leo’s statement to be doddering dithering over a misconceived emphasis on conformity in service of profit. What happened to the perspective voiced on TWiT where he sounded much more principled and much less concerned with shareholder ROI? Let’s have that Leo back. Sure, he maybe was playing devil’s advocate and/or voicing the perspective of an influential subset of the TWiT audience and the populace generally, but the same accountability holds for those investors as to Apple regarding the collapse of profiteers’ ability to profit, over the long-term, when an authoritarian government can simply rescind that ability at-will any time into the future, as discussed in the MBW thread.

BTW, at ~1:17:00 while Lori was talking about Helicopter Mom app notarization, the sound of Leo drumming his fingers on the table boomed through the mic and was very distracting listening with headphones.

Unrelated to the discussion, I looked up Sick Burn on the YouTube, because I wanted to hear what the band sounds like. There are videos of Sick Burn, but it isn’t Lory’s band. Lordy, I hope there are videos!

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Don’t judge me too harshly. :grimacing:


Are you kidding? I love it! Definitely music for our times!

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You are so brave! Thanks for sharing with us! I love it. It is raw and provocative.


This is a good palate-cleanser between my Easy Listening collection. Thanks, Lory.