Let’s geek out TWiT Army – help me build a better IRL streaming backpack

Hey all, so I represent a Twitch steamer that roams throughout the world and livestreams basically everything. The common solution is to use the “Gunrun Backpack” which is overviewed at https://www.gunrun.tv/backpack (check out the videos).

The brains of the operation is a LiveU Solo, which can combine up to 4 data modems together. I.E., if the wifi from Verizon drops, T-Mobile, Mifi, Sprint would take over seamlessly.

It seems like 2 carriers would be sufficient – Verizon and T-Mobile. So let’s go with that.

The hardware at https://kit.co/theGunrun/gunrun-s-irl-backpack is very outdated, particularly the data modems. Even the camera is outdated. Things like the power banks and cabling seem ok.

Gunrun’s backpack is awesome, but it’s a premade package with outdated hardware from 2018. The Snapdragon modems seem so much better for example, a better camera with better stabilization, things like that.

So let’s geek out. What components would you improve? What would be on your parts list? Would it be more affordable than Gunrun’s at literally $2395?