IOS 476: 2019 Apps & Games of the Year

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Wonderful show: very informative and also very, very funny. It’s a joy to see Leo & Mikah exploring tech like this and taking the time to have fun with it. “Download it and play it… and maybe you’ll get better at it than we are”. :rofl:

Anyone who liked the arrangement of Claire de Lune in the Sayonara Kingdom Hearts segment should hunt out the recordings of the late Isao Tomita, who pioneered electronic interpretations of classical music. His album “Snowflakes are Dancing” is all Debussy arrangements.

Thank you for the tip on My noise. I tried out the website Mac version and fell in love. You are so right Leo. Once I enjoyed the generators for a week I had no choice but to become a patron. :grin:


Tomita! Loved his stuff. His version of Holst’s The Planets is still one if my favorite records.