Introductions. What's your story?

I was introduced to Leo and the others with TechTV during my undergrad days. I’m getting back into the habit of listening to TWiET and heard about this community.

I’m a former middle school band director turned IT professional – though I’m still involved in music education. My current gig is within the realm of Windows system administration, and I’m working on sharpening my Linux (RHEL) administration skills.

I participate a couple of other IT communities, and am looking forward to discourse with you folks here.


Hello Twit Army and @Leo!

My Name is Taylor. I am a tech guy and broadcaster in Cincinnati, Ohio. I am a big fan of the twit network. As a tech guy I help family members, consumers and business with any and all of there technology needs. As a broadcaster I own and operate a low power FM station called Z98 (WDTZ-LP) in Cincinnati. I also work for iHeartMedia.

A fun fact about me… I was the chat room celebrity of the week on the GIZFIZ. I was a guest at Dick DeBartolo’s house in NYC. Below is the video.

I hope to one day make a one time guest appearance on a twit show.


Welcome, but video is private and cannot be viewed.

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I have been a tech enthusiast since the early 1970’s when I took apart my dad’s reel-to-reel to see how it works. I cleaned the heads and other moving parts because he got mad and asked why…
My first contact with a computer was in grade 8 using a card reader and a basic programming language. I started a computer club at school in grade 11 using about 12 Commodore PET computers with cassette tape storage. The second year we purchased a dual floppy disk add-on.
I went to college and earned a degree in Information Technology and business, graduating in 1981.
I have worked in IT my entire career in various jobs as a programmer, server manager, network manager, project manager, change and capacity manager (ITIL V3 certified).
I retired a couple of years ago, live in Victoria, BC and keep up with technology and my hobbies on a lot of the Twit programs.
My hobbies include computers and technology (of course), photography with my Canon 5d mk.III, motorcycles and cars. I’m really interested in high tech electric cars lately.


Welcome! I had forgotten about the PET’s!! I recall using them in elementary, moving to VIC 20’s in middle school, then graduating with Apple IIE’s in 11th grade.

Thanks for the memories and again - welcome!

I have a lot of memories of ancient technology. One of the many computers I used was a TRS-80.
Those were the days.


TRS-80 was a fine unit. I had the Osborne 1 grey case and completed a lot of consulting work with it!