Introductions. What's your story?

I was introduced to Leo and the others with TechTV during my undergrad days. I’m getting back into the habit of listening to TWiET and heard about this community.

I’m a former middle school band director turned IT professional – though I’m still involved in music education. My current gig is within the realm of Windows system administration, and I’m working on sharpening my Linux (RHEL) administration skills.

I participate a couple of other IT communities, and am looking forward to discourse with you folks here.


Hello Twit Army and @Leo!

My Name is Taylor. I am a tech guy and broadcaster in Cincinnati, Ohio. I am a big fan of the twit network. As a tech guy I help family members, consumers and business with any and all of there technology needs. As a broadcaster I own and operate a low power FM station called Z98 (WDTZ-LP) in Cincinnati. I also work for iHeartMedia.

A fun fact about me… I was the chat room celebrity of the week on the GIZFIZ. I was a guest at Dick DeBartolo’s house in NYC. Below is the video.

I hope to one day make a one time guest appearance on a twit show.


Welcome, but video is private and cannot be viewed.

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