Introductions. What's your story?

Hello Twit Army and @Leo!

My Name is Taylor. I am a tech guy and broadcaster in Cincinnati, Ohio. I am a big fan of the twit network. As a tech guy I help family members, consumers and business with any and all of there technology needs. As a broadcaster I own and operate a low power FM station called Z98 (WDTZ-LP) in Cincinnati. I also work for iHeartMedia.

A fun fact about me… I was the chat room celebrity of the week on the GIZFIZ. I was a guest at Dick DeBartolo’s house in NYC. Below is the video.

I hope to one day make a one time guest appearance on a twit show.


Welcome, but video is private and cannot be viewed.

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I have been a tech enthusiast since the early 1970’s when I took apart my dad’s reel-to-reel to see how it works. I cleaned the heads and other moving parts because he got mad and asked why…
My first contact with a computer was in grade 8 using a card reader and a basic programming language. I started a computer club at school in grade 11 using about 12 Commodore PET computers with cassette tape storage. The second year we purchased a dual floppy disk add-on.
I went to college and earned a degree in Information Technology and business, graduating in 1981.
I have worked in IT my entire career in various jobs as a programmer, server manager, network manager, project manager, change and capacity manager (ITIL V3 certified).
I retired a couple of years ago, live in Victoria, BC and keep up with technology and my hobbies on a lot of the Twit programs.
My hobbies include computers and technology (of course), photography with my Canon 5d mk.III, motorcycles and cars. I’m really interested in high tech electric cars lately.


Welcome! I had forgotten about the PET’s!! I recall using them in elementary, moving to VIC 20’s in middle school, then graduating with Apple IIE’s in 11th grade.

Thanks for the memories and again - welcome!

I have a lot of memories of ancient technology. One of the many computers I used was a TRS-80.
Those were the days.


TRS-80 was a fine unit. I had the Osborne 1 grey case and completed a lot of consulting work with it!


So, where should I start? Oh yeah, I was 3. My dad brought home a microcomputer. That was what they called them back then. ZX Spectrum. And things were never the same again. But soon, playing games wasn’t enough. So, I started coding. BASIC was fun, but I got bored quickly, so at age 8 or 9, assembler was the new topic. And with the lack of a proper assembler software, the Z80 opcode table was my friend. And yep, I got bored again after a while. And then came the PC era. And it’s been snowballing ever since. Coding in different languages along with a huge interest in hardware. So, I majored in computer hardware and software, electronics being my minor. Putting up together mini systems at the Microprocessor-based Systems class was the most satisfying thing ever. We would get bare Z80, 8088, or M68K CPU-chips, TTL-chips, and those thin interconnect cables, and specific tasks, like, say, implement the RS-232 interface, then allow for code loading, running, and debugging over a serial terminal.

Fast-forward 15 years… an eternal optimist, an extrovert tech pro, who loves socializing and sharing his knowledge. I enjoy the finesse Apple systems provide, appreciate Microsoft’s business technology, and I am thankful for this huge heterogenous computer environment so many contribute to. And yes, I will get bored in no time, so I’m glad, the technology keeps evolving at such a high pace.

So, that would be the tech side of me :slight_smile: And since I wrote a book anyway…


I’ve been listening to the TWiT network for years. I was guest once on This Week in Law.

I’m a lawyer, digital forensics expert witness, and adjunct professor of law. I really love the privacy and security topics, which means I try to never miss Security Now and TWiG.

I accidentally visited the TWiT brick house once. We were traveling through to Northern California and we stopped in Petaluma to spend the night. The next morning I went for a walk to grab some coffee and stumbled across the brick house. Even saw Mike Elgin walking in as I was walking by.


I would love to accidentally stumble into one of them around town. I’ve got a trip I want to make to visit Wine Camp. I believe if I remember where the host is located it’s a couple hours north of Petaluma, but would totally be worth the trek down if TWIT starts allowing visitors to the Studio again.

Stumbled (literally :joy:) onto the TWIT website back in 2010 while grinding through grad school, and had been a “religious” listener ever since. Love the kinda discussions in TWIT shows. I’m glad there’s finally a forum for expanded (and non-temporal) discussions, since a 90-160min shows hardly allow times for more intricate discussions, which is absolutely necessary considering tech is really an international and global thing.


welcome and join the fun. Glad you joined us

This is exciting. I’m glad to finally become a part of this community!


hello and welcome sit back and listen or jump in an engage…


I fell in love with technology watching an 11-year-old commit financial crimes on a Macintosh in the movie Blank Check. Not growing up in a computer family, that obsession with laptops only got me as far as a 286 with a monochrome screen, in 1997.

But then a while later I got TechTV, which wasn’t a computer with a modem, but it did have Leo filling me in about all the cool stuff a computer could do and the latest technology. This gateway to computer enthusiasm soon led to a PC World subscription, and before long I had hounded my parents into a 1 Ghz Pentium 3 system. I could now try out the things they were talking about, and remember many Friday nights spent playing on the computer with TechTV on the TV in the same room.

After TechTV dissolved I lost track of the gang for a while, but eventually stumbled on TWiT back in 2011, and have been listening ever since. I listen to Windows Weekly religiously, which is a good fit since I’ve been working in IT that whole time. There’s a meme on the show that’s so true which is that Leo and Paul pull you in then you end up staying for Mary Joe’s enterprise tips!

I’m a full blown computer nerd outside of work to this day, making videos about technology, enjoying digital photography, and most recently playing around with making digital music. Who needs to play an instrument IRL if you can play the computer? Well close enough to have fun at least. All of the links to my projects are on my conspicuously empty blog at

I’ll leave it at that but add that I’m looking forward to talkin’ some tech here. There’s definitely something to be said for kinder, more niche online communities.

Cheers y’all!


Been a big fan of Sec Now for many years. Helped me to keep my computer safe all these years. And I learned a lot!

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Hey Andy - belated welcome! :slight_smile: Just checked out your blog and instantly looked forward to any shots you might share with us on the weekly photography thread. Cool photography!

Hell All-
I’ve been a fan of Leo and crew since the TECH TV DAYS. Heard so much about the people in the TWiT Community I decided to check it out for myself.
I’m a writer, a nerd, a cigar smoker, and a lover of (most) things Android.


Hi to the TWiT community! I’m a long time fan of TWiT since it began (and before that Tech TV).

I’m from Texas, but these days I live in Mongolia. I’m a data scientist and an educator and it’s great to be able to connect with everyone. I came to coding pretty late when I started learning data science several years ago (although I did use TI-BASIC in high school so I didn’t have to actually DO my calculus homework). I’ve always been a tech enthusiast, and my wife is constantly making fun of me for hitting the update button.


Welcome to the community Robert. Fellow coder here, mostly in Java these days, but not afraid of any language that solves whatever problem has my interest. These days I’m using Python and Java to learn about writing Discord bots. I too hit that update button more often than many people would consider wise… but I have a background in security and I fear the known more than the unknown, apparently :wink: