Introductions. What's your story?

I hear ya… Glad to hear there is still room for nostalgia if I chose to return. I am so comfortable in modron Apple land that I doubt I would go back to TI land. My childhood was fine but that doesn’t mean I want to go back :grinning:

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Hi All,

So I started listening to TWiT, actually iPad Today at first, when I bought my 1st iPad - about 2010 I think it was.

Then I found Security Now and I was hooked. At some point I decided to go back and listen to all SN from episode 1, which btw, I highly recommend doing. I found the security topic fascinating and Steve filled in a lot of gaps in my understanding of computing generally.

I should say I’m actually an electrician by trade but for the last 25 yrs or so my daily grind has been programming machinery using PLC’s and Human-Machine-Interfaces (HMI’s). I started my computing with a new Commodore 64 (load/save from tape) and inputting binary code published in magazines. I completed a 3 or 4 month task to make a word processor of which I was completely mind blown after all the hours and hours mindless entering binary data into this thing and finally able to run it - and OMG, it damn well worked! It was about as functional as Wordpad, but man that was gold to me. I was hooked into PC’s then and never looked back. I got into basic programming when I built a 486/50hz machine from parts and I used those programs when I was learning and developing my skills in PLC coding. I just loved the way I could create really useful tools in a way that helped in my job and new prospects as well.

I’m probably close to Leo in age so his philosophy and ideas sit well with mine as well. And Steve Gibson is IMO, a huge asset to the TWiT ecosystem. I also love Windows Weekly with Paul and Mary Jo. The TWiT network fills a big part of my media intake these days. FB, Twitter, Insta and that … can die tomorrow, who cares. As long as podcasting (AKA Internet TV, @Leo ) like TWiT exists, who needs those.

Thanks for all the great content you guys.

All the best and many Xmas Cheers from Oz.
Graeme :+1: :+1:


Hi everyone,

I am Nick, originally from Crete Greece and I have been following TWiT since 2006. I am a software engineer and I use TWiT as my main source of tech news, especially on technologies that I do not work with in my daily life.
I mostly consume content via my phone as podcasts, but I really enjoy watching the video versions when I have a bit of time.
Setting up the forum is a really nice idea, because it allows those of us who can not be on chat to participate in the community.
Thank you very much :slight_smile:


I too just heard Leo mention it. But I heard about it 4 months later. I never get time to listen live anymore so I binge watch


Welcome! Thrilled to have you here :slight_smile:



Fredrik here, a 34 year old industrial worker out of Väderstad, Sweden where i live with my fiancee and our 2.5 year old son. I work for a company called Väderstad AB, where we manufacture farm machinery, such as seed drills, cultivators, planters and more.

My current tech related project is trying to make our network/router/IoT-hub-cabinet a little less cluttered.
Recently bought a Samsung Smartthings Hub, which I intend to use to bring some smartness and convenience to our home. As of now I have mainly gone for Ikea Trådfri, but will probably expand with Philips Hue and Fibaro or Qubino dimmers.

I heard about TWiT for the first time in 2016, and follow TWiT, TWiG, AAA and TTG on a regular basis. Lately I have binge watched HOP, trying to step my photo game up and get myself out with the camera more.


greetings and salutations…glad to have you with us Fredrik


Yes indeed. Welcome aboard!


Welcome aboard! Looking forward to seeing your posts.


Welcome, all contributions and collaborations are great.


Thank you Sir! Much appreciated!


Hey there, world!

I’m actually 10 years old, but don’t let my age get you. I love technology, so I’m usually the one who’s asked to fix stuff with the Chromebooks at school.

I started listening to TWIG towards the beginning of the school. I was looking around Apple Podcasts, looking for something to download onto my iPod and listen to on the way to school each morning. I have to ride an hour each way.

About 2 weeks ago I spotted iOS Today, and have started listening to it too.

I heard about the TWIT community 'round when it started, but had attempted to join from my iPad. It wasn’t working out that well. So I decided to try again now. Poof! Much better from a Macbook.

So thanks for doing what you do guys. I love your podcasts.


Hi everyone, I didn’t realize this forum was a thing until today so I figured I’d join.

First off, I’m in a wheelchair so it’s lucky I love computers. While everyone was out playing sports I was on the computer. By day I am a web developer but I consider myself more of a tech enthusiast in general. The reason for this is while I have a steady attachment to web development, in my free time I learn about other tech-related things. There is so much to learn and not enough time to learn it all.

I first found out about TWiT quite a while ago when I was looking for tech podcasts. I noticed that Leo was involved and remembered watching TechTV when I was younger. This intrigued me enough to not only listen to This Week in Tech but check out the other podcasts on the network as well. I was hooked.

Since then, I’ve watched TWiT evolve into what it is today. My go-to source for tech news. I’ve seen people come and go. Shows have gotten replaced with new shows that are just as good or better than the previous ones. The shows change as tech changes and the people at TWiT are good at seeing where the listener’s attention is. Over the years I felt like I’ve gotten to know them and in my opinion as a content creator, the user’s connection to you is vital.

Other than tech, I’m an avid reader. That’s really all there is to know about me. Looking forward to chatting with you all in here!


hey, hello and welcome. I am so glad you joined us. I hope you not only find help but get a chance to offer help. Don’t let anyone look down on your youth be proud and sure of your self.


welcome I look forward to learning from you and interacting with you. Thank you so much for joining.


Welcome @Mr.HappyMan and @beardedtechnerd!

I enjoyed reading both of your introductions and hope you find the time to chat with all of us here.


Ditto what he said @Mr.HappyMan and @beardedtechnerd


I wish my daughters were as articulate and well written as your are. Technologist tend not to care as much about your age, as we do about the quality of your code or content of your writing.

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I was introduced to Leo and the others with TechTV during my undergrad days. I’m getting back into the habit of listening to TWiET and heard about this community.

I’m a former middle school band director turned IT professional – though I’m still involved in music education. My current gig is within the realm of Windows system administration, and I’m working on sharpening my Linux (RHEL) administration skills.

I participate a couple of other IT communities, and am looking forward to discourse with you folks here.

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