How is everyone in Europe doing?

I’ve seen videos of aircraft having to do several go-arounds to land in the UK with storm Ciara hitting with high winds.

Meanwhile, in Australia… bush fires look like they will be put out by rain, to be replaced by flooding…

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There was a video of one of the Normans trying to land on one of the German islands in the North Sea, its wing was practically scraping the runway as it was caught by a strong gust.

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I live in the Midlands in the UK near Malvern. We have had strong winds but not too bad. Just a few fence panels blown down. Other parts of the UK seem to have issues with flooding.


Oxfordshire UK here. I drove to see my ill father on Sunday right into it. Not too bad when driving West directly into the storm, but 90mph crosswind gusts when I turned South over the Avonmouth Bridge was a real struggle :flushed: Glad I took the heavy car.

Feel for the folks around the Calder Valley. They are flooded out repeatedly, must be so demoralising.

Guest house in Scotland

Newhaven on the South Coast



That’s some damage.

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It’s called Ciara here in France too, and seems to be really hitting the north of the country. We’re lucky here in Marseille, just a bit breezy, and 17 degrees today.

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Pictures out of Hamburg:

There is a carousel of images towards the bottom. The Fischmarkt image can be enlarged. The water rose by 1.74M, (/5’7").

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Something I’ve noticed now I’m back home in Oxfordshire is many collapsed gable-ends on newly-built houses. Cheap/poor-quality construction I suspect.

Like this one…


There has been a lot of trampoline exchanges.
I have only gained a giant piece of polystyrene packaging, though if nobody claims the builders ton-bag in the lane, I may make use of it.

I live on a hill which gets a lot of high winds so for me it was a bit more blowy than usual, but nothing to worry about, apart from the risk of losing power.


I’ve been seeing lots of photos of snow in Edinburgh. And a newly opened bridge into the city closed because it couldn’t cope with the snow and ice…

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Southern Germany is pretty much fine. It’s just that we had a bit more wind than average.

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From yesterday’s paper…


Another storm this weekend too :-1:t2:

Winds are not forecast to be quite as strong, but lots of rainfall on ground that is already saturated.

Yes, the same here. Only up to around 70mph this time around. Middle Germany will probably get it worst, The Brocken is supposed to get 100mph winds, but southern Germany should see the tail end of the storm, last I heard.

Still quite windy though…

The UK GOV flood info service site is interesting this morning :flushed:


That is a mad map. East Anglia is very well drained…


There is an awful lot of flooding…

Update: the Environment Agency says England now has more flood alerts and warnings than any other day on record.

I flew out of Birmingham to Belfast Int yesterday. It was a bit bumpy coming in to land but not to bad. Fly back tomorrow and weather looks better. Worst flight I actually ever had was coming to land at Belfast City, people started crying! Runway is by the sea so it can get a bit breezy.

The wind turbines in Northern Ireland are earning their keep atm!

Looks like it may be interesting driving home from the Airport judging by the local news paper reporting on the flooding YAY I get to play with the air suspension!:

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