Great (albeit long) Interview with Dave Cutler

None of my friends have the patience to listen to Dave Cutler talk for ~3 hours, but I figure someone on here might :laughing:

WalkingCat over on Twitter rt’d a great interview by the Computer History Museum detailing his early career right up to the nitty gritty details about NT development. For those unaware, Dave Cutler was the driving force behind Microsoft’s operating system development from DOS thru NT. Even had a nice little shoutout to @MaryJo in part two!

Part 1 - Oral History of Dave Cutler Part 1 - YouTube
Part 2 - Oral History of Dave Cutler Part 2 - YouTube

I think it’s important to mention that Dave was a driving force behind Digital VAX/VMS before he went to MS. If you’ve ever experienced developing for a VAX in VMS you’d probably find some of the same design principles were part of the Windows API.

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