Fellow Australians answer me this

How far can the mania go ?

Germany has just announced a Kontaktverbot - contract with people outside the household is restricted to 1 person.

We can still go out and still buy food and medication. We just can’t meet other people and have to keep distance from others we meet on the street.

Industry is not affected, only shops, personal services etc.

Nova Scotia just announced something similar. As far as I am concerned, it’s one step short of martial law. Closed all borders, closed all public parks and spaces, restrict groups to size 5 or less, required to stay indoors unless you have urgent need (say for groceries or pharmacy.) Fines or jail for not following the rules. The government felt this this was necessary because the weather here is starting to get nice and people were going out in droves to the provincial parks. (Spring having started on the 19th means people get “frisky” and want to get out and enjoy the weather.)

I think, for as many people who are in a panic, there are as many, or more, who think this is someone else’s problem.

On the news this morning, blocked toilets (due to flushing “alternatives”)!

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Jeepers… more fatbergs.

Another thing I see being sold out currently is computer monitors.

I have been saying this would happen.

According to this calculator I have 34 days of loo paper

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I bought a pack a few weeks ago when I had four rolls left. I still have two. So the pack of 24 I bought will probably last me months.

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Not very accurate. The calculator says we will get through ~70 days with the current amount we have.

Me personally? I would have enough for probably a year. But with my family, it will probably last 2-3 weeks! (We haven’t hoarded, we have 2 packets of loo roll).

Again, we’re back to scrunch or fold :smiley:

lol , how many generations does it take to use up all the hoarded dunny paper

I’ve just re-done my Will and I’m leaving a 24-pack of rolls to each kid. That’ll keep ‘em going, hopefully ‘til adulthood (they’re in their teens now).

Becks brewery has been taking the excess alcohol that is produced by brewing alcohol free beer and has refined it, until it is strong enough to be used as disinfectant.

They are supplying it to hospitals and supermarkets (which have disinfection points at the entrance) free of charge.

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A bunch of Canadian micro-brewers have been doing this as well. I really have to wonder if Purell will be increasing their capacity in the near term, or if enough other companies can find room in the market to make Purell scared for their longer term prospects.

A lot of micro distillers (gin, whisky etc.) have also switched to distilling pure medical alcohol.

Purell is probably not threatened by this, I imagine that as soon as demand drops those breweries will want to get back to concentrating on their primary product.

That’s some warming positive news that distilleries are creating alcohol for hand sanitizers.

Farmers are now complaining that the cheap East European pickers who come over to help with the harvest aren’t allowed into Germany and their fields will rot without them…

Erm, there are thousands of people who have suddenly been made unemployed or having to stay at home by businesses that have had to close their doors. But, of course, working all day in a field, picking fruit and veg is beneath most of them… Given a choice of sitting at home and worrying about how to make ends meet, because my job has vanished and going out and helping, I go out to the fields and help… Fresh air and distance - each worker can have their own row to work on.

Government have been vague about what a full “lock down” state means and when it could happen and I think that contributes to wanting to buy TP. It does not take that many people to exhaust the supply on shelves.

It just takes a few over zealous a**holes :smiley: