Favorite firearm optic?

After seeing all the comments on the firearms thread, I thought I’d start a similar thread…

The people here that are into firearms (there is another thread here on the forum about that, and many people have commented)… What is your favorite defensive rifle optic?

I recently got another rifle, and went thru all the optic choices. There are tons of options out there…

Money is usually a deciding factor for many people. But, I like to use milspec optics, if the weapon will be used for defensive purposes. So, I don’t usually cheap out on the optic, unless something is just a range toy…


I use mostly handguns and don’t use an optic!

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The Aimpoint Micro and the Mepro 21 are my favorite 2 optics. I just picked up my 7th Mepro 21 to put on that Beretta CX4 rifle I just got.

The Mepro is cool because it is electronic free. It uses fiber optics and tritium.

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I am have no knowledge of today’s firearms. Last weapon I touched was earning “Sharpshooter” in the army. (Many moons ago) Do I assume by “Optic” you refer to a scope? Under what scenario to you use a scope to defend yourself. Or is it just to be fancy at the range/

While I don’t own any rifles, of the ones I’ve tried I found myself most comfortable with the Aimpoint. I believe it was an H-1 Micro that I spent a good amount of time with.

However if I were to purchase one I’d look at an unpowered option like the Mepro you mentioned. I’ve got enough things that need batteries already!

An optic in terms of firearms refers to a device used to enhance the sight picture of the weapon. When you say “scope” I assume you’re talking about a telescopic sight, which is a type of optic.

Far from “being fancy at the range,” an optic helps the user discharge the weapon with greater accuracy which can help ensure safe operation. I’m not going to start listing scenarios, I don’t think that discussion will serve this topic in a healthy manner, but suffice to say any device that enhances the safe operation of the firearm is good idea.


I shot Expert with the 1911 in the Marine Corps 6 times - only optics were my eyes!! I can drop anything within 30 yards with a handgun!


Thank you for the clarification. This means more use than just the sniper.

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Optic is usually a 1x red dot type of thing for me, but it COULD be a scope for some people… Many people use a variable 1-4x or 1-6x “scope” on their defensive rifles. If using a scope for that, the reticle usually glows (so it can be used at night too).

The term “scope” usually means a magnified optic. “Optic” is the term for any type of visual aid on a rifle, though… (Or, sometimes a pistol - red dots are gaining in popularity on pistols now)

I personally am not a fan of magnified optics, though. I like 1x optics on a defensive rifle more.

As stated about - I like the AImpoint Micro or the Mepro 21. There is no magnification. But, the Aimpoint uses a red dot. The Mepro 21 I have uses a triangle. Instead of using iron sights, this is easier to use and faster. Plus, you can use it in the dark. Just cover the target with the dot or the triangle, and that’s where ya hit.

I like the triangle on the Mepro 21- because you can use the tip for accurate shots. And for fast shots, you just cover the target with the triangle.

Many of the red dots have to be turned on and off because of battery. So, if ya grab the rifle quickly, ya gotta remember to turn the optic on. I like the Aimpoint because you can leave it on, and the battery lasts about 5 years. You never have to turn it off… And, if you are worried about the battery, just swap it out maybe at the 3 year mark…

And, the Mepro 21 is always on too. It has no electronics. The tritium inside will not work as well after about 10 years, though. But, even after the tritium dies, the optic will still work 100% in daylight (it uses fiber optics to gather the light). Many people have reported that the Mepro is still barely visible in the dark even at 15 years, though.

Optics like these are much, much faster than iron sights, and you can use them in light situations that you would not be able to see the iron sights.

Boy I am getting a real education here. Maybe we need a new show TWiS.


I just ordered a SIg Romeo 8. I had never heard of this particular optic until a few days after I ordered that latest Mepro 21 optic. I have read everything I could on it, and watched some you tube reviews. I am impressed with a torture test I saw done on it.

It is also apparently used by some in the military. When someone I know on a gun forum posted info on a place that had it for $100 less, I couldn’t pass it up.

Now, I will compare it to the Mepro 21 I just got for my new rifle. Whichever one I like the most, I will keep. And, I’ll sell the other one.

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I finally got that Mepro 8T in. I will say that it is really awesome. Up to 10 year battery life… It shuts off after 2 minutes, and comes back on as soon as it moves. Lens covers built in. Metal cage on the optic to protect it. 4 reticles. Large viewing windows…

It just took forever to get here as they shipped it UPS sure post - the slowest way to transport something known to man :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just got my new holster for my Colts - Italian leather - sweet, perfect fit for my Cobras


Very cool!!! :slight_smile:

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