Cloud Service Ad

What was the cloud service leo was talking about it was 90% off normal $6 a month? I think it was on 6/13 sorry leo i was half asleep.

I believe, you either mean IDrive (a cloud-backup solution) or RemotePC.

Both iDrive and RemotePC (by iDrive) are sponsors of the radio show. Both offer plans for around $6 a month. Both have a “Tech Weekend Special” of 90% off the first year with Leo’s code.

While I can’t speak for iDrive, I have been a RemotePC user since they started advertising 2 years ago and have been very happy with the product. Even their normal pricing is much better than their competitors.

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I looked for the TWIT code but could not find it on the sponsors page.

I have updated the link to reflect this :slight_smile:

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i bleieve the promo code is LEO not TWIT


iDrive is currently (December 7, 2020) running their new customer promo however like all promos, advise reading the terms of service at bottom of sign-up page. The 5 TB plan is for the first year then goes back to “Normal” 2 TB. They are however offering an upgrade to existing customers, 10 TB $99.50 /yr. which appears to be ongoing.

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