Cloud Service Ad

What was the cloud service leo was talking about it was 90% off normal $6 a month? I think it was on 6/13 sorry leo i was half asleep.

I believe, you either mean IDrive (a cloud-backup solution) or RemotePC.

Both iDrive and RemotePC (by iDrive) are sponsors of the radio show. Both offer plans for around $6 a month. Both have a “Tech Weekend Special” of 90% off the first year with Leo’s code.

While I can’t speak for iDrive, I have been a RemotePC user since they started advertising 2 years ago and have been very happy with the product. Even their normal pricing is much better than their competitors.

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I looked for the TWIT code but could not find it on the sponsors page.

I have updated the link to reflect this :slight_smile:

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i bleieve the promo code is LEO not TWIT