Breaking News Commercial Reads

I always find the reads a bit annoying for live events, because I feel like I might miss something.

I have been thinking about it though, and I believe that they are usually 2 minutes long. Perhaps they should be reworked so that they can be done in 4 segments of 30 seconds. Although I appreciate that it would probably be too hard for the host to remember to slot all 4 in.

I thought though, that it might give the host the ability to modify on the fly according to circumstances. They could then read just one, or several at once if there is a bigger gap.

Just wanted to make the suggestion.

I never understood why the commercial reads couldn’t be edited in or overlaid in after the fact… would avoid the possibility of the host choosing the exact wrong time to do it. I guess it depends on how many people watch the event live versus how many watch the recording later.