Bad decision to combine "hands On" shows

It was a bad decision to combine all of the hands-on shows. Hands On Android, for example, assembled a great library of concise learning opportunities, which I found very useful. You were on to something that could have turned into a wealth of learning libraries.

I will not sit through discussions of Apple, Windows or gaming topics, hoping for an Android topic. I’m sure that Apple, Windows or gaming people feel the same areas not of interest to them.

They didn’t combine anything. They cancelled it. Saying it was combined was a sugar coated way to say “we’ll put our content into the appropriate place at the appropriate time.” You can whine and complain all you want about cancelled shows, but they got cancelled because they weren’t being consumed by enough people to allow the advertisers to take interest in being advertised along with them. Financial reality sucks, but these are not good times for advertiser paid content.

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I’m not “whining and complaining”. I provided feedback to TWIT as a listener, and a suggestion on potential areas to explore. I’m well aware, probably more so than you, of the challenges of monitizing web content.

This sure sounds like a childish “wha wha I don’t like it” to me… to each their own, I guess…