"Artesian Builds" shows how not to build good will--shuts down

This may be too niche a story for many to care, but I thought it was a case study in bad [CEO] management. Their big gimmick was they vowed to build every customer’s PC live on TWITCH. They allowed people to become brand ambassadors, who were supposed to promote them on TWITCH, and they could potentially be rewarded by winning a free PC, also built live. In the most recent event, at the end of February, they decided to not award to the person initially selected because she didn’t have enough of a following (in their estimation.) Flash forward a week, and the s**t hit the fan and customers were cancelling their orders. Apparently the CEO lied to staff about the situation while simultaneously telling them to stop issuing refunds.

Steve at Gamers Nexus was aware of the situation and tried to help, before it became clear the CEO wasn’t behaving as one would otherwise have expected:

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